Sun Country Baggage Policy, Allowance, Weight, and Size

Undoubtedly Sun Country Airlines is the most liked and preferred airline. The airline offers low-cost flights to various domestic and international destinations. But one thing that arrives to everyone’s mind is the baggage policy and charges of Sun Country Airline. For sure, if you travel, then you might have some luggage that you want to carry along with you.

You can have a hassle-free trip if you pay attention to the guidelines issued under Sun Country airline's baggage policy. By doing so, you will be making yourself all set, and of course, you will be packing accordingly to save yourself from the extra charges that the airline may implement on you.

Types of Sun Country Baggage Fees

The baggage fees differ depending on the type of luggage you are carrying. However, the Sun Country luggage policy allows a few bags without any charges, but they do apply charges for the additional bag you are planning to take with you.

Check out the baggage fees for various categories of luggage that flyers usually carry:

Sun Country Carry-on Baggage Fees

Sun Country Airlines usually don’t charge for 1 carry-on baggage. So you can take 1 carry-on luggage size Sun Country along with you for free. But in case the size exceeds more than 24x16x11, then you have to pay the charge. If your carry-on baggage doesn’t fit underneath the front seat, you have to pay between $25- $40 for each bag.

Sun Country Checked Baggage Fees

If you carry additional bags apart from the 2 free bags, the airline may charge you some nominal charges. When it comes to the Sun Country baggage fees, the fees for checking 1 checked baggage on Sun Country Airline weighing up to 50 lbs and 62 linear inches range between $30-$40. 

Excess Baggage fees

If the total number of bags exceeds or there is any increase in the number of bags, then the airline may charge you $40 per bag. However, the baggage's dimensions and weight will also decide the charges of the baggage policy.

Overweight Baggage fees

Any luggage that exceeds the limit of 50 lbs is considered overweight baggage. If you are carrying overweight baggage along with you, then as per Sun Country baggage weight limit the airline may charge you. If the weighs between 51-60 pounds, the airline will charge an extra $20. Adding to it a bag weighing 61-100 pounds, the airline can charge up to $60.

Oversized Baggage fees

The airline has set a certain size limit that you must follow before taking your bags along with you on Sun Country Airlines. If the size of your luggage exceeds more than 62 linear inches, then as per the Sun Country baggage fees, the airline may consider your luggage to be oversized. The airline may charge you $100 for oversized bags.

Below is a quick table for Sun Country Baggage Fees:

Types of Baggage 

Description  Fee charged
Carry-on Baggage  1- Carry on baggage is free Charges applied from 2 bags are $25- $40 for each bag.
Checked Baggage  2 free bags  Charges from 3 bags $30-$40
Excess Baggage  The airline charges for excess baggage  $40 per bag
Overweight Baggage  Bags exceeding 50 pounds  $20-$60 depending on the weight
Oversized Baggage  Size exceeding more than 62 linear inches  $100 per bag

Note: It is very important to note that all the baggage charges mentioned above totally depend on the airline's baggage policy. Additionally, the charges may also vary depending on the traveling distance. The Sun Country baggage rules can differ so you must double check it with the customer care executive.

Sun Country Carry-on Baggage Policy and Luggage Limit

You must ensure the size of the carry-on luggage that you are planning to carry. The size should be compact enough for adjusting underneath the front seat or in the overhead bin. However, you can check for the variations in the seating classes mentioned below. 

Economy Class

If you are booking a ticket in economy class then you must know that as per the Sun Country luggage policy of the airline you are only permitted to take 1 carry-on bag along with you. The size of the bag should be compact enough that it either fits underneath the front seat or in the overhead bin.

Premium Economy Class

Just like the Economy Class, the bookings in premium economy class also offer the flyer to take 2 bags for free. If you are bringing any additional luggage then the airline will charge you according to the guidelines mentioned in their baggage policy.

Business Class

When it comes to the baggage policy, you can carry two checked bags along with you. You must keep a note of the size and weight of the checked bags while taking it along. Because if your luggage exceeds the restricted weight and size then the airline may charge you an extra amount. Additional baggage will be charged by the airline. You must follow the Sun Country luggage weight for saving yourself from extra charges.

First Class

Purchasing a ticket in the first class allows you to carry 2 bags without any charges. You can carry 1 carry-on luggage size Sun Country and 1 personal item along with you. For bringing in more bags you have to pay some nominal amount of charges to the airline.

Sun Country Checked Baggage Policy and Luggage limit 

When it comes to the checked baggage policy and luggage limit then it differs according to the seating class that you are paying for. You can have a brief look at the below-mentioned classes and the baggage policy applicable for these seating classes. 

Economy Class

If you are purchasing a ticket in economy class then according to the Sun Country Airlines baggage policy you have to pay the fee for checked luggage. So the charge will be decided according to the total number of checked bags you are taking along. The first checked bag in economy class will cost you $30.

Premium Economy

Similarly to economy class, in the premium economy class, you will have permission for only carry-on bags. If you want to carry a checked bag then you have to pay the charges asked by the airline.

Business Class

Your booking in business class will make you eligible to carry 2 checked bags. However, you have to ensure that each bag should weigh 50 pounds.

First class

Similarly to the business class, you will be allowed to carry 2 checked bags for free in first class. The weight of the luggage should not exceed more than 50 pounds and the dimensions should not exceed 62 linear inches.

Here is a table that outlines Sun Country’s checked baggage policy and allowance for each class of service:

Class of Service

Number of Bags Allowed Maximum Dimensions per Bag Maximum Weight per Bag Fees for Additional Baggage

Economy Class

No checked bags 60 linear inches  50lbs $30 for the first bag

Premium Economy Class

No Checked bags  60 linear inches 50lbs each $30 for the first bag 

Business Class

2 checked bags 60 linear inches  50 lbs No additional fees for 2 extra checked bag

First Class

2 checked bags 60 linear inches  50 lbs No additional fees for 2 extra checked bag

Note: All the above-mentioned details for the Sun Country baggage policy can change. This is not accurate information, changes can differ on the total number of bags and the traveling distance.

Sun Country Weight and Size Restrictions

When you will look at the Sun Country baggage rules, then you will notice that there are certain guidelines about the weight and size of the baggage as well. If you will follow the guidelines then surely you will be saving money. You can check Sun Country’s restriction for the weight and size of the luggage mentioned below.

Carry-on Baggage

  • According to the Sun Country luggage policy the airline allows passengers to take 1 carry-on baggage for free.
  • Ensure that the size limit of your carry-on baggage should not exceed more than 17x13x9 inches.
  • The airline may charge some additional fees if the size of the carry-on bag exceed.

Checked Baggage

  • You must ensure that the weight of checked bags must not exceed more than 50 pounds.
  • While talking about the size of the checked baggage, then you must ensure that it should not exceed more than 62 linear inches.
  • However, the airline allows 2 bags for free but the airline will start charging fees from the 3 bags onwards.

Oversize/ overweight Items

  • All luggage weighing more than 50 pounds will be charged an extra fee by the airline. At the same point, a size exceeding more than 62 linear inches will be also charged by the airline.
  • According to the Sun Country baggage weight limit, the airline allows 2 baggage for free, but if you will carry additional baggage then the airline may implement baggage fees.

How to Pay Sun Country Baggage Fees

 With all the knowledge and details you can proceed with the payment for the baggage fees. There are several ways through which you can pay baggage fees. Check out all the ways mentioned below;


For easing the job of the flyers, Sun Country baggage policy has bought an online mode of payment for the baggage fees. You don’t need to stand and wait in long waiting lines. You can quickly pay the baggage fees by simply logging in to your account. Adding to it you can also make the payment while doing the web check-in.

At the Airport

If you are unsure about the charges for the luggage you are carrying, then you can make the payment at the airport. Although the charges may increase if you opt to make the payment at the airport.

Sun Country Ticket Counter

You can also opt for the ticket counter. Visit the Sun Country Ticket counter and make the payment.

Prohibited items on Sun Country Airline 

There are a few items that Sun Country doesn't allows flyers to carry along with them while boarding the flight. Below is the list of such items that you must avoid carrying along with you while traveling with Sun Country Airline;

  • You can carry weapons, such as firearms, knives, and other harmful objects that are dangerous.
  • You should not take corrosive items such as acids and batteries.
  • You must not carry any magnetized material such as compasses and magnets.
  • You must ensure that your luggage has no fireworks and flares with you.
  • Alcoholic beverages that are not served by Sun Country Airline.

Publish Date: 06/16/2023