Hawaiian Airlines gives the ability to its passengers to change their name on a reservation through its Hawaiian Airlines Name Change Policy. If a person wants to change the name on the reservation it can be free or a fee may apply according to eligibility. There may be some restrictions also to this, for example, the type of ticket purchased, rules, and routes may depend.

It is possible that some tickets may not be eligible for any name change policy, which is why a passenger should always check the policy specifically for their flight before making any changes. It is also possible in some cases, that the last option may be to cancel the reservation and start a new process with the correct name in place.

It is always recommended to contact directly to the Hawaiian Airlines website or to call the reservation number to make a name change or to check the policy regarding the name change.

Here's a table outlining Hawaiian Airline's name change policy:

Ticket Type Fare Rules Name Change Policy
Economy Class Non-refundable Allowed for a free
Premium Economy Class Refundable Allowed for a free
Business Class Refundable Allowed for a free

Eligibility for Hawaiian Airlines Name Change Policy 

  • With Hawaiian Airlines flights all passengers are eligible for the name change policy.
  • Also, the name can be changed policy has some eligibility criteria for what a name can be changed. The criteria are only Spelling errors, and legal name changes - marriage/divorce/religion requests are allowed to change the name on the reservation for free. 
  • Other than these conditions either the name will not be changed or a fee may apply, which is subject to the airline authority.

When Can You Change the Name on Your Reservation 

It is required that Hawaiian Airlines Change Name on Ticket matches the name on your Legal ID proof.

Legal name change- Make a call to Hawaiian Reservations customer care at 800-367-5320. You will be asked to give some appropriate supporting documents regarding the Hawaiian Name Change Policy. The name change is free of cost for this reason.

Spelling Errors- Make a call to Hawaiian Reservations customer care at 800-367-5320. Usually, in most cases, no documents are required. Hawaiian can also help if someone needs to add a middle name or any other requirement, also there will be no Hawaiian Airlines Name Change Fee.

Other Reasons- Transferring a passenger ticket to someone else is not allowed on Hawaiian Airlines.

Legal name change supporting documentation 

  • Passport - In case of middle name additions, etc.
  • A divorce decree - In case of divorce.
  • A marriage certificate - In the case of marriage.
  • For other reasons, any appropriate legal document.

Fees for Changing the Name 

A $25 service fee will be applied if the ticket was booked through a third party other than that there is no fee.

Steps to Change Name on Airline Reservation 

Here are the steps to change a name on a Hawaiian Airlines reservation: 

  • Contact Hawaiian Airlines: To make a name change, you will need to contact Hawaiian Airlines directly. You can do this through the airline's website, by calling their reservations center, or by visiting a ticketing office.
  • Check Eligibility: Before making a Hawaiian Name Change Policy, it is important to check the specific policy for your flight and ticket type. Some tickets may not be eligible for name changes and may require a cancellation and rebooking. So for that, you should know about Hawaiian Airlines refund policy.
  • Provide Information: When making a name change, you will need to give the following information: the reservation number, the original name on the reservation, and the new requested name. You may also need to give ID proof to verify your identity.
  • The Fee: If a name change is allowed, you will need to pay a fee, which will depend on the type of ticket, the fare rules, and the specific route. Typically, the fee can be paid online or over the phone.
  • Confirm the Change: Once the name change has been done, please receive a confirmation & Please make sure or double-check the name on your reservation to be sure that it is correct.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Yes, you can change the name of your reservation after the bookings have been made.

There is no Hawaiian Airlines Name Change Fee but $25 is chargeable if there is a third party involved.

No, there is no deadline to make a name change on the reservation.

No, Hawaiian Airlines do not allow transferring a passenger ticket to someone else.

No, Hawaiian Airlines does not change the ticket price over the name-changing process.

No, there is no difference in the name change fee for international flights vs. domestic flights.

You may be able to change the name on your reservation if you purchased travel insurance, but you should review the policy details to determine if this is covered.

It's best to make a name change on your Spirit Airlines reservation as soon as possible to avoid any potential issues or fees.

According to Hawaiian Name Change Policy, If the name on your reservation does not match your government-issued identification, you may not be allowed to board your flight.

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