Sometimes, due to some human error or typo mistake, your name gets misspelled on the ticket. Apart from this, there are specific scenarios when a correction can occur on your name in the ticket. Reasons can vary from personal reasons to various other reasons.

Imagine getting married and replacing your surname, but the older surname is mentioned on your ticket. In this case, you won’t be able to board a flight if the name on the ticket doesn’t match the name on the ticket,

Southern West Airlines has made a name change policy to help the users in case there is some error in their name, or their name is misspelled on the ticket. You don’t need to worry this time because the Southwest name change policy is there to assist you in these uncertain situations. However, before using the name change policy, the user must be aware of the terms and conditions guided by the airline under the name change policy. There are many policies which are provided by southwest airlines such as Southwest pet policy, missed flight policy, UMNR policy, etc.

Here is a table briefing about the Southwest Airlines name change policy:

Ticket Type Fare Rules  Name Change Policy
Wanna Get Away  Non-Refundable  Allowed but with charges 
Wanna Get Away Plus  Non-Refundable  Allowed but with charges 
Anytime  Refundable  Allowed but with charges 
Business Select   Refundable  Allowed but with charges 

Note: The Information given in the above table is only for information. Yet, The details can have some minor changes depending on the scenario. So, it’s highly advised that the user contact the live agent or customer care executive of Southwest Airlines for better assistance.

Eligibility for Southwest Airline Name Change

Now, in case you have any plans to change your name on the booking made with Southwest Airlines. Then you can consider the points mentioned below before changing your name on the fare.

  • Only the flyers with fare are eligible for Southwest Airlines' name change policy.
  • The name change policy is only applicable if the flyer has proper documentation for verification purposes.
  • In case of booking with a third party, Southwest Airlines won't hold any responsibility for changing the name on the ticket.
  • Southwest Airlines may charge a certain amount of fee depending on the scenario for name changing.
  • The agent at Southwest Airlines can assist you in briefing you more about the name change policy and the steps you should take while proceeding with the process.

When Can You Change the Name on Your Southwest  Reservation?

At some point, you may think, what’s the use of this policy? Then to your knowledge, this Southwest Airlines change name on ticket policy helps you in uncertain situations. You Misspelled Your Name and Missed a Flight on Southwest because the airline denies you boarding it.. Now, this is the time when you can use the name change policy of Southwest Airlines and board your flight without any further problems.

Spelling Errors

Due to any typing mistake, There can be spelling errors in your name. Now even a slight mistake can change your name. In this condition, you can ask the airline to change your name to avoid confusion.

Name Changes Due to Marriage or Divorce

There are some conditions when the flyers book the flight with different surnames, but situations like marriage or divorce can change their surname. In this case, the Southwest name change policy can help you by changing your ticket's name. You must have court orders or any document to validate your point.

Personal Reasons

If your name is changed for personal reasons, you can inform the airline. You can explain the situation to the agent and provide the supporting documents for changing your name on the ticket.

Southwest Fees for Changing the Name

Southwest Airlines does charge for changing the name on the fare. While talking about the charges, the charges depend on what sort of changes the flyer intends to make. It can be of few words or full name, So the same happens with the charges. It varies according to the scenario and demand.

Name Correction

You must try to get in touch with the airline within 24 hours of purchasing the ticket. Doing so can save you from additional charges for changing names. If there are slight changes like a few letters, you are lucky enough as the airline won’t charge you even a single penny for changing your name.

Marriage or Divorce Name Correction

If you need to fix your surname, then, in this case, Southwest Airlines will charge you a nominal amount. For instance, if you are recently married or due to divorce, there are any changes to your name, then the airline may charge $50 per itinerary. 

Name Change for Other Reasons

There can be several other reasons for changing names on the ticket. However, if the changes are not limited to a few letters, the airline may charge you changing fees for changing the name on the ticket. You can inform the airline about the charges and proceed with the name change policy.

Steps to Change Name on Southwest Reservation

Here are the steps to change a name on a Southwest Airlines reservation:

Step 1: Checking for Eligibility

You can start by checking the eligibility of your fare. You can only move forward with Southwest Airlines' change name on the ticket policy after having the valid documents. The airline will ask for the original documents for the verification process. In case of marriage/divorce, you must have legal orders from the court. You can show the necessary documents to the airline for a name change.

Step 2: Contact Customer Service

For changing your name on the Southwest ticket, you must contact the airline's customer care executive. You can start providing all the necessary details and documentation for changing your name on the ticket. Only the customer care executive can help you change your name on the ticket. 

Step 3: Provide the Necessary Information

Once you inform the Southwest Airlines customer care executive about your wrong name on the ticket. Then start providing all the necessary documents the airline needs for verification purposes. The agent at Southwest Airlines needs to verify before changing the name on the ticket.

Step 4: Pay the Required Fees

Once you are done providing all the necessary details then start by paying the fees for the name change policy start by paying the fees for the name change policy. The agent of Southwest Airlines will tell you about the charges you must pay if your name is changed.

However, the charges of Southwest Airlines Name Change Policy depend on the scenario and the error in the name. If there are only a few letters to change, the airline may waive all the charges, and you don’t have to pay anything.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

The Southwest Airlines name change feevaries on fare type and the correction of the name. The fare charges may differ from refundable to non-refundable fare. For instance, if you have a Wanna Get Away fare, then the charge for the name change is $100 per person.

While changing the name on the ticket, the agent at the airline will ask for the proper documents for verification purposes. In case of marriage or divorce, you can show the legal orders from the court for verification purposes.

No, Southwest Airlines doesn’t allow ticket transfers. If you cannot travel, then try to cancel the fare. By doing so, you can claim a refund or travel credit from the airline's side.

No, according to the Southwest Airlines name change policy, if you book a fare with any third-party agency, the airline won’t be responsible for changing the name on the fare. You must contact the agent at the third-party agency to change the name on the fare.

If you observe any sort of correction in your name then try to change it as soon as possible. There is no valid time you can approach the airline as soon as you receive the itinerary details.

Yes, if you have a Southwest Airlines Rapid Rewards account, you can use the name change policy. You can easily contact the customer care executive at Southwest Airlines and ask them to name the changes to your name.

Yes, the name change policy applies to group bookings as well. Although according to the Southwest Airlines Name change fee several charges may apply to the name change policy if you change the name for group bookings.

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