Volaris Airlines is very popular because of its low ticket fares and flexible name change policy. Name-changing or name-correction procedures can be very stressful if you lack the general yet essential knowledge about the name-change policy. Apart from the knowledge if your airline is not flexible with this policy then you have nowhere to escape. 

But if you have made a plan to travel with Volaris Airlines then you can put a smile on your face. Volaris is one of the popular airlines in Mexico because it offers a flexible and convenient name-change policy to its passengers. 

Overview of Volaris Airlines Name Change Policy

We, humans, are bound to make mistakes. During the reservation booking procedure, there are possibilities of minor clerical mistakes of names on the tickets. The misprint can be done due to many reasons such as typo mistakes etc. If your name is not correct in your booked Volaris Airlines boarding pass then you might not be able to board the flight. 

So, if you find any kind of mistake on your flight ticket and want to correct the mistake such as a minor spelling error, or want to change the last name on the ticket then you have to submit some documents. The documents should be related to your name correction. Be sure to submit a document that is correct and currently updated. 

Who is Eligibility for Volaris Airlines Name Change?

According to the Volaris Change Policy, the eligibility for a name change procedure depends on the type of fare you have bought. If you have a slight name correction in your fare ticket then you can apply for the name change procedure without a second thought irrespective of the flight ticket you have purchased.

You should check your ticket within 24 hours of purchase in order to avoid any penalty on a  name change procedure. If you want to apply for a name change then you must apply at least 24 hours prior to the scheduled flight departure. 

Here are the points that state the condition under which you cannot apply for the name change policy:

  • If you have bought a ticket using an eGift certificate or an electronic credit then you cannot apply for the name change service. 
  • In case, if you have marked the flight segment as a no-show then also you cannot apply for a name change on your ticket. 
  • According to the Volaris Airlines Name Change Policy, you cannot transfer an adult ticket to any minor.

If you request a name change after a certain number of days from the day you made your purchase, you might have to pay certain fees during the process. Even if you purchased a non-refundable or non-flexible ticket Volaris still enables you to request a name change on your ticket, however, there will be some limitations based on the terms and conditions applied to your ticket. 

If you have a flexible refundable ticket you can change the name on the flight ticket for any legal reason within the given time slot. In the event of a divorce/marriage, you may completely alter your last name. However, you may be required to submit certain documents to the airline authority in order to change your name. So it is advisable to check all the details thoroughly on the ticket before paying the fare.

When Can You Change The Name on Your Reservation?

If you notice a spelling mistake on your ticket after purchasing the Flight ticket. For example, if the name is not matching with the documents that you have submitted then you can apply for a correction. Try to check the ticket thoroughly before paying the purchase price. But if somehow you did not rectify any mistake at that time it is advisable to check the ticket once again after coming back to your home.

If you rectify any mistake within 24 hours of flight booking then you can instantly apply for a correction without any fee. There are some situations under which you can apply for a name change. Detailed explanations about situations are given below;

Spelling Errors

Volaris Airlines is very well aware that humans are prone to make mistakes. Due to different pronunciations or unique names or spellings, you might face a mistake on your ticket. In order to apply for Volaris Airlines Change Name on Ticket, you can get in touch with the airline's customer support if you need to amend the name on a Volaris Airlines ticket because of a spelling problem.

To avoid paying expensive fees, you must apply as soon as you can. You can contact the staff via the website's contact page. You can call the customer care staff of Volaris 24*7.

According to the Change Policy, if you are requesting a spelling change by calling customer service, be prepared to give the representative all the information they require, including your reservation ticket information (confirmation number, date of booking, etc.), your correct spelling, and some supporting documents (passport, driver's license, or other government identification).

Name Changes Due to Marriage or Divorce

In case you want to apply for a name change on your ticket due to marriage or divorce then you need to submit some legal documentations that will testify to your claim of the name change. Legal documents such as a marriage certificate, a divorce certificate, government ID like a license, passport, etc. 

Personal Reasons

For any other personal reason, if you want to change the name on your ticket then you can contact Volaris customer service for further assistance. 

Name Changes Due to Adoption

As per the Volaris Name Change Policy, this airline also accepts cases including travelers who have just adopted a child or the child's name has changed due to a legal custody dispute. Along with other supporting documents like court orders, the travelers will need to submit the legal adoption certificate as well.

Volaris Fees for Changing the Name 

If you apply for a name change on the same day you purchased your ticket, then you will be free from paying any additional name change fee irrespective of the ticket you have purchased. However, if you apply after 24 hours of ticket booking then you will have to pay some penalty/ additional fee in order to make changes to the flight ticket. The Volaris Airlines Name Change Fee structures are given in the table below;

Flight Departure Time


Over Phone Call

At the Airport

Less than 15 days before Flight Departure




More than 15 days of Flight Departure




Note: The fees can differ based on the terms and conditions applied to the fare ticket.

Steps to Change Name on Volaris Airlines Reservation

In order to make hassle-free changes to your fare ticket you can follow the below-given steps.

Step 1: Check The Eligibility

Before applying for a name change you must check whether your ticket is eligible for a name change procedure or not. It is advisable to check the terms and conditions implied on the fare ticket and do thorough research regarding the same issue. 

Step 2: Contact Volaris Airlines Customer Service

After ensuring that you are eligible to apply for the name change call Volaris Airlines Customer Service. After calling them try to brief your current situation and request for a name change on the purchased ticket. A customer service representative will tell you the detailed procedure of the name change policy and will ask you to submit all the details that will support your claim for the name change. 

Step 3: Provide The Necessary Information 

As per the Volaris Name Change Policy, if you are applying for a name change then you must submit the below-given proof and information for an easy name change procedure;

  • Provide the Volaris flight bookingdetails such as the name on the ticket, confirmation number, date of booking, etc.
  • Submit the government-issued Id such as your passport, driving license, election I’d, etc. 
  • If you want to change your name due to your marriage or your divorce then you must submit your marriage or divorce certificate.
  • If you have adopted a child then you have to submit the child adoption certificate or court orders in case of legal custody. 

Step 4: Pay The Required Fees

After your successful name change procedure, you might need to pay Volaris Airlines Name Change Fee if required. However, fees can differ on the basis of ticket type, the destination, and other terms and conditions applied by the airline authority. After you pay the fee you will get a confirmation message or mail on your registered email I’d or phone number that will state your current ticket details. 

Note: In order to avoid any further problems, check your ticket details thoroughly. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

To change your name you can call the customer care center of Volaris Airlines. One thing that you need to keep in mind is that you must apply for a name change at least 1:30 hours before your flight departure.

Volaris Airlines allows its passengers to transfer the ticket but may charge some additional charges. This facility may vary depending on your fare type.

You must have the proper identification, such as a license or passport, your marriage certificate, or a divorce certificate, in order to change your name on a Volaris reservation ticket.

Yes, you can apply for a name change online by visiting the Volaris Airlines reservation portal which is under the manage booking section.

No, Volaris does not allow any passenger to change an adult ticket to a minor ticket or a minor ticket to an adult ticket.

If you have a minor spelling error or recently your last name has been changed in your government I’d then you can apply for the Volaris Airlines name change policy.

The customer care number is +52 (55) 1102 8000 in Mexico and +1 855 VOLARIS (8652747) in the US

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