Flexibility is very much required when you are traveling, The WestJet Airline provides many policies regarding changes, there is one main policy the Name Change Policy, which makes it easy for the passenger to make changes to the name if there is an error in the name spelling. The name change policy offers you to make the changes for free in your name within 24 hours of booking. Every airline has its own restriction regarding the policy so WestJet allows only minor changes in the name like spellerror or the legal name change after marriage or divorce or adoption etc.

WestJet Airlines Change Name on Ticket & Fee

The WestJet Airlines Name Change Policy does not allow major changes in your name and also for any change legal ID proof will be required and the changed name will be matched the ID proof.

This table depicts the outline of the WestJet name change policy:

Ticket Type

Name Change Policy Fare 
Economy Allowed

$100 USD- $118 USD (domestic flights)

$150 USD- $177 USD (flights between Canada & Europe)

Premium Allowed

$100 USD- $118 USD (domestic flights)

$150 USD- $177 USD (flights between Canada & Europe)

Business Allowed

$100 USD- $118 USD (domestic flights)

$150 USD- $177 USD (flights between Canada & Europe)


Note: This table is only for informational purposes, and may be subject to change. It is suggested to the passengers get the updated information check on the official website or contact the customer service of WestJet Airline. 

Eligibility for WestJet Name Change

Eligibility will help you to make sure about the task for yourself every airline has its own eligibility criteria for its policies, here we can see WestJet Airline gives some eligibility criteria for Name Change Policy.

  • WestJet Name Change Policy allows the passenger to make the changes who have confirmed reservation with us to, there are no restrictions on ticket type, the fare of the ticket, and travel class. The fare rule for all the tickets for name changes is the same but may vary with the type of changes you want in the name correction. 
  • The name change policy is very flexible with nonrefundable tickets, you can do the modification without any restrictions but you can only make the changes in minor spelling mistakes and the legal name change like after divorce or adoption when it is not matching with the government-issued ID proof. The legal ID proof required for correction in the name is a passport or driving license.
  • If you have a refundable ticket you can change it for free within 24 hours of booking and with nominal fees before your departure flight time.
  • If the passenger does the name correction within 24 hours from the booking date it will be free, after 24 hours it will be charged with a nominal fee

When Can You Change the Name on Your Reservation?

The name change is a legal process for the airlines and sometimes airlines face difficulties in doing this. There are conditions in which you can make the changes in your name please take a look:

Spelling Errors

The WestJet Airlines Change Name on Ticket is allowed when you can see the spelling error in your name after making the reservation, if it is a minor change you can try to change it on the official website, if it doesn’t help you can change it on call by calling the customer service of WestJet Airline you just need to provide the valid ID proof of your name issued by the government.

Name Changes Due to Marriage or Divorce

In the case of Marriage or Divorce, it comes under a legal name change, and sometimes airline face difficulties to make the changes. Need the legal documents for this process for making the corrections in the name with the fees between $100 USD- $177 USD.

Personal Reasons

Minor name correction is allowed with the name change fees if personal reasons like don’t want to use parental surname or any other etc. 

Name Changes Due to Adoption

Adoption also comes under the legal process, so for this, the name change is allowed however the airline face difficulties with fees, they make the correction but the passenger should provide the adoption procedure documents and the legal ID proof of the name.

  • WestJet Airlines Name Change Policy did not allow to make the correction in complete name change or name transfer
  • Reservation from the travel agency or any other third party, the airline will not be able to help, the passenger needs to call directly to the travel agency for name correction.
  • The name change is done with the fees after 24 hours of booking, within 24 hours, the name change is free.

Fees for Changing the Name 

As WestJet Name Change Policy allowed flexibility with the type of class, there is a fare rule for a name change for all types of tickets. The fare changes according to the time of booking. The name change is free within 24 hours of booking the reservation but after 24 hours airline will charge $100 USD- $118 USD for domestic flights and $150 USD to $177 USD for flights between Canada and Europe. It is applicable for all conditions like a personal reason for name correction, changes due to marriage or divorce, and other reasons.

Steps to Change Name on WestJet Reservation

The passenger needs to follow some steps to make the reservation for traveling with their pet, these are the necessary steps that may clear your thoughts about the reservation of your pet.

Step 1: Check the Eligibility

Passengers are suggested to check the eligibility criteria for the name correction. The WestJet Airline considers only the minor correction in spelling or legal reasons for the name change, fees will be charged but may differ according to the condition of the name change.

Step 2: Contact Air France Customer Service

The airline suggests you go to the website directly to make the minor changes in your name if that will be not helpful you need to call on Customer Service of WestJet Airline, and the agent will help you to make the changes. The customer service number is 1403-444-2446.

Step 3: Provide Necessary Information: 

The airline is flexible with the name change policy but providing the required documents is in the passenger’s hands so the necessary information passenger should have eaten booking details, confirmation number, ticket number, and legal ID proof with the correct name.

Step 4: Pay the Required Fees.

As we all discussed that WestJet Required Name Change Fee in the name required fees may vary according to the time, fare rules, destination, etc. when the process of name change is completed the agent will ask you to make the payment, and the fees may be paid by the credit card.


Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, passengers can make changes there once the make the booking but only minor changes are allowed as legal name changes with the legal ID proof issued by the government and the name change fees.

There will be free for name change which will vary according to time or destination, the fees will be under $100 USD to $177 USD including the domestic and international destinations.

No the name change policy of WestJet is not allowed name transfer, and you can do the name change only on minor changes or legally changing the name.

The WestJet Airlines Name Change Policy allowed only minor spelling corrections in the name or name which will be changed by any legal reason of marriage, divorce, adoption, etc.

The passenger needs to make the changes in the name within 24 hours then it will be free but it differ with the type of ticket and after 24 hours the fees will be charged for the name change.

The customer service number for WestJet Airline is 1403-444-2446, you can call and an agent will help you to make the changes.

There are some steps passenger needs to follow: Passengers should visit the website Go to the manage trip option Fill in the confirmation number and passenger name The itinerary will be there and also the option of editing the passenger's details After editing the name save it

You can visit directly to the customer service of WestJet airlines 1403-444-2446, provide the needed information to the agent and agent will make the changes for you.

Yes at the of name correction process you may ask to add your middle name.

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