The friendly staff and amazing hospitality at Allegiant Air Pet Policy make traveling with pets super easy. You can book a reservation for your pet online when you make your booking. Otherwise, be sure and check in between 45 minutes and 4 hours after departure time.

You should remember that both emotional support animals and service dogs are protected under the Air Carrier Access Act. Under this Act, you will receive reasonable accommodation during the duration of your trip on Allegiant Air at no extra cost.

Allegiant Air Cabin Travel

Allegiant Air's pet in-cabin policy only offers travel service for pets to travel in its aircraft. Passengers can take their pets directly into the cabin and look after them on their own as well. Passengers can use a carrier or kennel to take their pets into the cabin.

There are some specific restrictions on pets category, breed, size, & age as well as some requirements on pets documentation, carrier, & etiquette that are needed to be followed by every passenger who is taking their pets in Allegiant.

There is also a specific fee charged by Allegiant Air for the pets traveling in the cabin.

Allegiant Air Breed Restrictions

Allegiant only allows small domestic Dogs and Cats as pets in its cabin. As the airlines state the animals are required to be harmless, odorless, & non-disruptive. There are no other specific restrictions other than these restrictions on the animals traveling Allegiant Air.

The following breeds are not allowed under Allegiant pet policy: Pit Bulls, American Staffordshire Terriers, Presa Canario, Perro de Presa Canario, Rottweilers, Doberman Pinschers, Chow Chows, and any mix of these breeds. 

Allegiant Air Age Restrictions

All the animals or pets traveling with Allegiant must be at least 8 weeks old. Also, the person traveling with the animals must be at least 15 years old. So it means that Unaccompanied Minors are not allowed to carry a pet with them.

Also, 2 kittens or puppies of the same breed can travel if they fit comfortably in one kennel or carrier.

Allegiant Air Required Documentation For Pet Travel

Allegiant requires some crucial documents for the pets to travel with Allegiant Air. All the passengers planning to travel with Allegiant & willing to carry a pet must provide the documents mentioned below:

  • Health Certificate: A health certificate may be required for pets traveling with a pet policy. The certificate should not be more than 10 days old. It is mandatory to show the pet is healthy and fit to travel on the certificate.
  • Rabies Vaccination Certificate: A copy of the pet's rabies vaccination certificate is required for all pets traveling on Allegiant Airlines. It is mandatory to show the pet has been vaccinated at least 30 days prior to travel on the certificate.

Allegiant Air Pet Fee

The Allegiant Air pet policy fee structure to take a pet in Allegiant Airlines is very simple. The passengers have to pay a sum of $50+$50 USD for the pet and its carrier respectively. So in other words the passenger will pay $100 in total to carry a pet in Allegiant Air. There is also an exception in the case of if a disabled person carrying a service dog then there will be no charge and the animal can travel with the passenger free of cost.

The table given below provides the fee information in a simplified form: 

Pet Type

Travel Region

Fee (one-way)

Domestic Dogs & Cats

48 States in US & Canada

$100.00 USD

Service Dog

US & Canada

$0.00 USD/Free

Allegiant Air Carrier Size Restrictions & Requirements for Pets

Allegiant Air's pet policy requires a kennel or carrier in which the pet will travel on the aircraft with their owner passenger. There are some carrier requirements for the pet that must be noted seriously by the owner before booking the flight with their pets.

  • Requires that the pet carrier be approved by the airlines
  • The pet carrier must fit in its designated spot under the seat in front of the passenger
  • The maximum permitted size of the carrier must not exceed 9 x 16 x 19 inches in height length and depth
  • Pet carriers should be well-ventilated, leak-proof, sturdy and escape-proof
  • The pet carrier should be large enough for the pet to lie down, turn over, sit, and stand comfortably whenever it wants
  • Pet carriers must be labeled with the name of the pet and their owner, destination, and owner's contact information

Allegiant Air Pet Etiquette

Pet policy Allegiant Air has certain pet etiquette guidelines that pet owners should follow in order to ensure a safe and comfortable flight for all passengers:

  • Keeping pets clean and well-groomed will help reduce odor and prevent shedding.
  • Keep pets calm and cool during flight travel. Excessive barking, meowing, or other disruptive behavior can be stressful to other passengers. Consider using a sedation aid or consulting your veterinarian to help keep your pet calm during the flight.
  • Respect the space and comfort of other passengers. Keep your pet on a leash or in a carrier at all times, and do not allow them to roam freely in the cabin
  • Bring garbage bags and clean up any accidents or messes your pet may make during the flight.
  • Carry essential medicines, food, water, and supplies for your pet during the flight. It's also a good idea to have a plan in case of an emergency, such as a pet first aid kit or contact information for a local vet. Make sure to check Allegiant baggage policy beforehand to avoid any extra fees or issues at the airport.


  • In conclusion, Allegiant Air allows small cats and dogs to travel in the cabin with their owners for an additional fee. Larger pets must travel in the cargo hold for a separate fee. Passengers are responsible for providing appropriate carriers and ensuring that their pets meet all necessary health and documentation requirements.
  • It is important to note that certain breeds may not be allowed to travel on the Airline for safety reasons. Overall, Allegiant Air's pet policy is reasonable that accommodates pet owners while also prioritizing the safety and comfort of all passengers.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Only small domestic cats as well as dogs are allowed to travel on Allegiant Air.

The Allegiant Air pet policy fee for in-cabin pets is $100 per segment, while the fee for pets traveling in the cargo hold is $200 per segment.

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