Allegiant Air Baggage Policy, Allowance Weight and size

Allegiant Air is recalled for the satisfactory services that are provided by them. When it comes to the routes covered by Allegiant. It can vary from small cities to the world’s top-class destinations. It is quite obvious that every passenger must have some luggage when planning to travel. That’s the reason that customers have to keep an eye on Allegiant Airlines' baggage policy.

Considering the Allegiant Airline's baggage policy the charges may differ. The variation in charges can arrive depending on the type or route the flyer is to travel. Some quick and easy rules and regulations are mentioned under Allegiant Airlines' baggage policy. Following the policy customers can smoothly carry on to move further with the policy of Allegiant Air.

Types of Baggage Fees

To know more about Allegiant Airlines baggage fees. Firstly the flyer must learn what baggage policy is about. In easy words, baggage policy is the set of rules that airlines set for the flyers. The flyer has to consider these rules and regulations while carrying their luggage on Allegiant Air.

Checked Baggage Fees

When it comes to the checked baggage policy of Allegiant Airlines, then you have to pay charges for every single piece of luggage. Additionally, even your first checked baggage is subject to Allegiant Airlines baggage fees. The total number of checked baggage allowance can include 5 bags. You can add loads to your reservations with 2 options online or at the airport. You can also consider the below-mentioned points for checked baggage fees.

  • Luggage, including handbags, should be maximum dimensions of 203cm/ 80 Linear inches.
  • The maximum weight of the luggage should be 40 lbs per bag.
  • The total number of bags shouldn’t exceed more than 5. You can add 4 bags to your reservation online and 1 bag at the airport.

Excess Baggage Fees

The allegiant airline has unique criteria where the airline charges for excess baggage. However, the policy depends on how much luggage is in excess and what’s the weight of the excess luggage. The overweight fees for all the bags weighing from 41 lbs-70lbs cost USD 50 per segment for the flyer. The charges for bags weighing 71 lbs-99 lbs also cost USD 75 per segment.

Special Items Fees:

All the details provided above regarding the excess baggage fees will give you an idea if you carry any special items or luggage along with you while traveling, such as your sports kits or your baby’s stroller. Then you are required to pay an extra amount. However, that amount will totally depend on the luggage.  You can seek further assistance from the airline while allegiant check in.

Carry-on baggage Fees:

Allegiant Airlines baggage policy charges baggage fees even if you are carrying a single carry-on luggage. Still, the fee will depend on when the flyer pays for carry-on baggage. There are some pointers mentioned below that can be considered while making the payment for carry-on baggage fees.

  • If you are paying at the time of booking, you must pay between USD18-30, depending on the traveling route.
  • If you pay before the departure, you have to pay USD 45 for Allegiant Airlines carry-on-size baggage.
  • According to the Allegiant Airlines carry-on policy, If you pay at the airport ticket counter, the charges will be USD 50.
  • If you pay at the gate, the charges will be USD 75.

Note: It is crucial to note that all the baggage charges mentioned are depend on the airline's policy. Additionally, the charges may also vary depending on the route the flyer chooses to visit.

Allegiant Air Carry-on Baggage Policy and Allowance

The baggage policy of Allegiant Air varies on the routes you are selecting to travel. However, Allegiant airline offers only one class for booking. Below mentioned are the terms and conditions of the Allegiant Airlines carry-on size baggage policy and allowance of the seating class provided by Allegiant Air.

Economy Class

It is very much known that Allegiant Air is a low-carrier airline. Because of this, Allegiant Air only offers bookings for economy class at a very pocket-friendly cost. However, they follow a very strict pattern for their baggage policy. The Allegiant Airlines baggage policy economy that you can carry your personal item like handbags or small packs. The size should be compact enough, that it can become easier for you to adjust them or put them under the seat or in the overhead bin.

Here is a table that outlines Allegiant Air's carry-on baggage policy and allowance for the class of service that the airline provides:

Class of Service  Number of Bags Allowed  Maximum Dimensions per bag Maximum Weight per bag 
Economy Class 

1 Personal item 

One Carry on bag 

8 in. x 14 in. x 18 in. (20cm x 35cm x 45cm)

10 in. x 16 in. x 22 in. (25cm x 40cm x 55cm)



Note: The above-mentioned baggage charges may vary. If the weight and the number of luggage increase, the airline may ask you to pay more baggage charges depending on the weight and total luggage.

Allegiant Air Checked Baggage Policy and Allowance

You are now coming onto Allegiant Airlines baggage allowance. As per the baggage policy of Allegiant Air, you can carry up to 5 checked bags with you for your trip. So while looking at the policy.

Economy Class

According to the baggage policy of Allegiant Air, you can take 5 bags along with you for your trip. From these 5 bags you can add 4 bags to your reservation through the online mode. Additionally the last one can be added at the airport while boarding the flight. Below are the key points you can consider while carrying your checked bags in economy class.

Here is a table that outlines Allegiant Baggage Weight for baggage policy and allowance for each class of service:

Class of Service  Number of bags allowed  Maximum dimensions per bag Maximum Weight per bag 
Economy Class 5 bags  80 linear inches  40lbs 

Note: The above-mentioned Allegiant Airlines baggage allowance may vary. If the weight and the number of luggage increase, the airline may ask you to pay more baggage charges depending on the weight and total luggage.

Weight and Size Restrictions

Weight and dimensions of the baggage are the single parameters that help in determining the charges implied by the airline as their baggage policy. You can check with the criteria suggested below for Allegiant Air baggage weight limit for various luggage categories.

Checked Baggage

Allegiant Air has a very straight and clear baggage policy. Following this, you will be charged by the airline for every single checked bag. However the Allegiant baggage fee international does allow the passengers to carry 5 bags. Still, you have to consider the weight and size of the baggage to save yourself from any further charges. The maximum dimensions per bag should be 80 linear inches. Adding to it, the weight per bag should be 40 lbs.

Personal Item 

Allegiant Air's baggage policy permits you to carry your personal items without fees. The size of the baggage and the weight must be small enough to get adjusted under the front seat. The size should be 8 in. x 14 in. x 18 in. (20cm x 35cm x 45cm), and the weight should be around or under 25 lbs.

Special Items

A few things like the size and weight of the special items that you are carrying along with you may vary. For instance, if you are taking a sports kit it may differ from that of a child stroller. However, the airline will charge you depending on the size and weight of any special time that you are taking with you.

Carry on Baggage

Allegiant Airline charges for a carry-on bag as well. The size and weight of the carry-on bag should be 40 lbs and 10 in. x 16 in. x 22 in. (25cm x 40cm x 55cm), respectively. You must take a compact carryback that can be adjusted in the overhead bin.

Note: If you want to take your pet on the flight, then you should know about allegiant pet policy. From this you will know which breeds are allowed in airlines.

How to Pay for Baggage Fees

Now you can also use online mode to pay for the baggage charges. Ensure to check all the rules under Allegiant Airlines' baggage fees policy.

Online: You can visit the website of Allegiant Airlines and pay for the baggage fees online. You can use any method of payment to complete the payment process.

At the Airport: If you need clarification about the number of bags, you can pay the baggage fees at the airport while proceeding to board the flight. However, the charges may vary from what you pay when booking.

Prohibited items

There are some items that Allegiant Air prohibits the passengers from carrying on with themselves. 

  • Things like dynamites, flares, fireworks, and all other explosive materials.
  • Passengers are not allowed to carry bleach, fertilizers, and hair dyes.
  • Other toxic substances like mercury, arsenic, and pesticides are not allowed.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

According to the Allegiant airlines baggage policy, you can carry one personal item for free. Apart from this, the airline will even charge you for even a single carry-on bag. The changes may increase depending on the luggage.

Following the Allegiant airlines baggage allowance the charges for the baggage depends on the bookings. The charges included in baggage policy may differ from route to route. However, the airline charges may range between $20 to $75 per bag.

Allegiant Air provides you with the facility to bring special items like sports equipment and musical instruments.

Yes, the airline allows you to carry your fishing rod. But you must ensure to pack it properly before taking it.

Allegiant Air only allows one carry-on bag. You must ensure the size and weight of the bag so that you can easily adjust it in the overhead bin. However, ensure to check the Allegiant airlines carry-on size baggage.

Yes, Allegiant provides proper support to flyers with disabilities. So you can carry things like wheelchairs or mobility devices. You should share the information with the airline at the time of booking or prior to 48 hours of departure.

If you have lost your luggage, contact the baggage service provider as soon as possible. You can seek assistance for searching the luggage or claiming your loss.

According to the Allegiant airlines baggage fees if your luggage exceeds the mentioned weight and size by Allegiant, then the airline will subsequently charge you more. The charges will solemnly depend on the size and weight of the luggage and the route you are travelling on. Allegiant Extra Baggage fees will be applied in this case.

Yes, you can bring special things like strollers and car seats. These kinds of special items are checked for free at the gate. However, specific baggage charges may apply depending on the size of these items.

No, it won’t be possible to claim the amount paid as baggage charges. Because the baggage charges are non-refundable and non-transferable, the airline won’t refund the amount back to you.