Qantas Airways is the flag carrier of Australia. It was founded in 1920 and has its base in Sydney. Qantas is the second oldest airline still in operation. It is also the founding member of the OneWorld Alliance.

This airline provides tremendous services with amazing policies. And one such incredible policy is Qantas pet policy. Plan a trip to a new place and journey along with your furry friend with this air carrier.

Qantas Airways is famous for its outstanding safety record and extensive network. With a fleet of 323 aircraft, Qantas operates international and domestic flights. It also gives freight and logistics services through its subsidiary, Qantas Freight.

Pet Travel With Qantas Freight

Qantas Airways provides only cargo service for your pets. There is no in-cabin or checked baggage pet policy at this airline. 

If you have a service dog, then you can carry them with you in the main cabin of the aircraft.

Booking: There are some temporary changes in Qantas' pet travel policy. So, for booking your pet or animal transfer, connect with a Qantas Freight-approved pet travel specialist. 

You can get a contact number list of Qantas pet special agents around the globe on their official website.

Your pet can enjoy a hassle-free journey with its booking on Qantas Freight. Pets that can travel with this airline are:

  • Dogs
  • Cats
  • Guinea pigs
  • Rabbits
  • Domestic fish with no aeration requirements
  • Domestic birds

If you have a pet of some other species. Do not worry as they can travel with Qantas Q-GO Animals service.

Domestic Pet Travel

Qantas needs your pet to be safe and sound. And for that, it should be healthy and fit. So, firstly ensure from your pet’s veterinarian that it is well before going on Qantas travel with pets. 

Pet’s Eligibility

In any case, your pet is sedated, injured, unwell, aggressive, or heavily pregnant. Then, it cannot travel on this air carrier. 

Your pet's minimum age should be 12 weeks. And if they are older than 12 years, a certificate is required to prove that your pet is healthy to travel. 

Breed Restrictions

Certain breeds of dogs that cannot fly around Australia are

  • Dogo Argentino
  • Japanese Tosa
  • Pit Bull
  • American Pit Bull terriers
  • Brazilian Fila and Mastiff
  • Presa Canario

The above-named breeds are classified as “dangerous animals” under federal legislation.

Flight Difference

Your pet’s actual flight can differ because of the dynamic nature of airport operations. It’s possible the flight can be delayed or your pet is placed on a different flight.


There is no pet travel insurance provided by this air carrier. So, connect with an insurance company if you want to cover your pet’s travel and have some mental peace.

Pet Carriage Conditions

Qantas follows strict guidelines for transporting pets via air. Get your own pet crate or hire one from an animal transport company.

Make sure your pet’s carriage is airline-approved and complies with IATA requirements. Your pet must be able to sit, stand, and move inside the crate naturally. Also, attach a refillable water container with its crate. 

The first carriage of your pet can receive a discounted price on pet travel. Additional crates will be charged with standard prices. 

Pet Travel Specialists

You can book your pet’s flight with the help of the pet travel specialist of Qantas Airways. Tell them that you are planning to fly your pet with Qantas. 

They will manage all the necessary steps you need to take from booking, drop-off, collection, etc. in Qantas pet policy. 

Day Of Travel Necessities

Once you have booked your pet’s flight with Qantas, get ready to take your pet to the airport. Let’s know what you need to do before and after reaching there.

What to bring

  • Carry a printed or electronic copy of your pet’s booking confirmation. Your current photo ID is also required.
  • An acknowledgment form and live animal’s shipper statement filled completely.
  • Attach a water bowl firmly inside your pet’s crate. It should be in an upright position and should meet IATA and Qantas requirements.
  • Provide your boarding pass or e-ticket if you are also flying at the same time as your pet.

Check-in procedure

  • Try dropping off your pet at least 90 to 120 minutes before the departure at Qantas Freight terminal. 
  • Qantas representatives will check your pet’s age, health, and breed, and will secure the crate for traveling. 
  • For finalizing the cost, they will also verify that the crate’s weight and dimensions match your booking.
  • Credit cards and EFTPOS are accepted at major freight terminals by Qantas for payment.
  • You can proceed to the passenger terminal if you are flying on the same flight.
  • Some Qantas check-in requirements for Pet Travel are the latest health certificate which states that your pet is healthy enough to fly and is properly vaccinated.

Arrival and collection

  • Use the airway bill number and relax as you can track your pet’s journey with it.
  • You can collect your pet from the domestic Qantas Freight terminal.
  • After around 60 to 90 minutes of flight arrival, you will be able to collect your pet easily. 
  • Make sure to bring your photo ID for the collection of your pet.
  • Collect your pet 10 to 20 minutes after the departure of the inbound flight at regional ports. 

Service Times

Do book your pet on Qantas anytime up to two hours before the scheduled departure. Qantas will not accept your pet if you make a booking later than two hours. 

Please note that these time periods are for estimation only and may be subject to change.

International Pet Travel

If you are planning to fly your pet internationally on Qantas travel with pets. Then, you have to book the ticket through a pet travel specialist. 

Your Obligations

Prepare your pet in a proper way for international travel. Collect all the necessary documents that must accompany your pet’s shipment. Like export, import, and transit health certificates, licenses, or permits.

Make sure to comply with the destination countries’ provisions. Send an email to Qantas and check if any additional booking requirements are applicable in the country your pet is traveling. 

Some routes and destinations have specific quarantine obligations. And they may require arrangements up to six months in advance. Government biosecurity authorities and vets of Australia can give you more information on this matter.

Note: Pet Fitness, breed restrictions, flight difference, and insurance criteria are the same as in domestic pet travel.

Pet Carriage Information

Qantas Airways sells pet crates at some major airport terminals. If you want to buy a crate for them, contact them at 13-12-13 and confirm availability beforehand.

Pets That Can Fly

If you are a military or correctional facility officer. Your pet is considered a working dog. And they must fly in a guard-dog-approved crate.

Full or half-breed American Staffordshire terriers should be transported in a CR-83 reinforced cage. They can also fly in an airline-approved guard dog cage.

Multiple Pets In the Same Crate

Your pets can travel in the same crate on Qantas Freight. But only if:

  • They are of the same species.
  • Their size and weight are similar. 
  • Your pets are used to cohabitation. 
  • Each pet has 14kg weight individually. 

The maximum number of pets allowed by Qantas in a single crate is two over six months and three under six months. 

Do’s and Don’ts in the Crate

There are some points you have to follow regarding your pet’s crate.

  • Qantas allows one small toy for your pet inside its crate.
  • You can put a training pad or an absorbent material inside the crate. Straw, kitty litter, or newspaper is not allowed.
  • Don’t place any kind of food inside the crate as there is a possibility of spilling. And it can become uncomfortable for your pet during the journey.
  • Attach your pet’s name and an emergency contact number on the outside of the crate.
  • Fix a water bowl inside your pet’s crate for easy drinking. It should also have a funnel on the outside so that the staff can refill it when necessary.

Before Your Pets’ International Flight

Know about some basic things to send your pet on a blissful journey.

Contact DAWR

Connect with the Department of Agriculture and Water Resources. And get the info on the procedures you have to abide by before your animal’s departure.

The Australian Custom Services could need an Export Declaration Number. Get its details by calling on 1300-363-263.

Organize A Crate For Your Pet

Purchase a pet crate that meets IATA specifications for pet travel Qantas. You can get them from many transit companies. Or you can buy it from Qantas at Brisbane, Sydney, Melbourne, or Perth airports.

Booking Confirmation

After your pet’s booking is done, you are going to receive an airway bill and confirmation on your registered number or email. 

Keep a note of the airway bill number for tracking. And also, ensure that all the details you gave are correct.

Pre-flight Checks

Go with your pet to the Qantas Freight International terminal a day before its travel. But make sure your pet’s DAWR and final vet appointments are done. 

Bring along your pet’s crate, documents related to export, method of payment, etc. Also, carry your photo ID.

On The Day Of Travel

Keep these points in mind for your pet’s safe and happy travel.

  • Qantas Airways recommends that you give your pet a light meal a few hours before the departure. In this way, your pet can stay comfortable. 
  • You can also make them exercise in advance so that they can relax and rest during the flight.
  • Reach the international terminal of Qantas Freight at least three hours before the scheduled departure. 
  • The collection of your pet differs at every arrival destination. So, provide all the permits, licenses, and health certificates of your pet. 
  • Your pet has to get “cleared” by a local vet on arrival at many places.
  • If a consignee is going to collect your pet at the destination. Then, be sure to confirm all the arrangements in advance.

Times Of Service

For booking your pet for international travel, connect with a pet travel specialist at Qantas. You can also email them at “”

Pets’ are accepted up to three hours before the flight’s departure.

You can collect your pet at the destination four hours after the arrival. 

Qantas Pet Crate Requirements

Your pet should be happy and calm during its journey. And the main thing that can keep it happy is a proper and comfortable pet carriage. 

Buy a pet travel Qantas crate that meets IATA measures and is also airline-approved. Qantas does not include a pet crate in the booking. So, be aware to get it in advance. 

The crate sizes available at Qantas Freight terminals are mentioned below. For your benefit, the prices are also given.

Pet Crate

Maximum Pet Weight

Crate Dimensions in cms




7 kg

48 ⅹ 33 ⅹ 38



11 kg

62 ⅹ 41 ⅹ 45



14 kg

67 ⅹ 38 ⅹ 52



22 kg

82 ⅹ 58 ⅹ 62



32 kg

100 ⅹ 60 ⅹ 70



42 kg

105 ⅹ 66 ⅹ 80 


You can also purchase a water bowl for your pet’s crate from Qantas.

  • A small water bowl for AU$ 5.50
  • A large water bowl for AU$ 8.50

Note: Consider aircraft type or door dimensions depending on the route of your pet’s travel. 

Brachycephalic Breeds Travel With Qantas

Brachycephalic is a term used for dogs and cats who have short or flat noses. They have small respiratory systems and have a higher risk of getting sick. 

But don't worry at all. Because Qantas has a special pet policy for suck breeds of animals in place. 

Qantas recommends getting the important information provided by RSPCA. You can also find extra info on the website of IATA.

The dog breeds that are accepted for travel on Qantas Airways are

  • Pug
  • American Bully
  • French Bulldog
  • Boxer
  • Shih-Zhu
  • Chow Chow, etc.

Cat breeds accepted on Qantas Freight travel are

  • Exotic Shorthair
  • Persian cat
  • Himalayan cat

Booking Process

Contact an approved Qantas Freight pet travel specialist for booking air transit for your pet. They will advise you about all the relevant conditions and documents. And will also help in the process of reserving your pet travel Qantas seat.

Information For Pet’s Crate

Brachycephalic pets require larger crates as compared to similar size, buy a crate that is at least 10% bigger than the standard IATA-approved crate on domestic flights.

Q-GO Animals

The aircraft of Qantas Airways are well-equipped with air conditioners and pressurization systems. Your animal can be transported without any tension on this air carrier.

The animals included in Q-GO are:

  • Reptiles
  • Racehorses
  • Crocodiles
  • Racing pigeons
  • Mice
  • Aquatic creatures
  • Racing greyhounds

Facilities And Features For Q-GO Animals

Your animal will be given extra comfort at the devoted waiting areas on Qantas Freight terminals.

Qantas can also provide a veterinarian, handler, or care specialist for your animal. You just have to make arrangements beforehand. 

The animal container should comply with IATA construction, safety, ventilation, health, and welfare requirements. It is the responsibility of the freight forwarder or shipper to provide the container.

You can get more info about Q-GO Animals' services and its booking on 13-12-13. Make a call anytime between 9 am and 6 pm from Monday to Friday. 

Animal Special Moves

Qantas Airways' pet policy prioritizes the welfare and safety of all animals. Some animals need extra care and special handling like day-old chicks, zoo animals, horses, cattle, sheep, and native animals. 

You can make a booking with Qantas for a special animal movement. Just fill out a form of Special Movement Request and email it to the Qantas Customer Service team. 

Qantas’ Extreme Weather Policy For Pets

Your pet is one of your best friends. And its health matters to you the most. Only you can determine your pet’s climate suitability. So, consider all the necessary weather-related factors while choosing the best time to travel for your pet. 

If the weather forecast is windy, rainy, or too hot during the planned pet journey. Qantas recommends you consider whether your pet should fly or not. 

Cancel your pet’s travel in case you think it is not suitable for your pet. You can rebook your pet with Qantas without paying any extra money. 

  • Before 24 hours of departure, go to Manage Booking and change your pet’s flight. 
  • You can make changes by calling Qantas within 24 hours of departure also.
  • If you have reached the Qantas Freight terminal with your pet but don't want it to travel. Then, just relax and talk to Qantas’s friendly representative for pet travel changes. 

Pet Travel Tips On Qantas Airways

Follow some of these pro tips for a comfortable and enjoyable flight for your pet.

  • Take your pet to their veterinarian and know if they are fit and healthy and ready for pet travel Qantas. 
  • Buy your pet’s crate sometime before the air travel and familiarize them with it. It is a great tip as they will be confined to the crate throughout the journey. 
  • Check the open hours, terminal locations, and pet collection times in advance.
  • If you are collecting your pet with the family. Then, an adult and children under 17 years of age should stay inside the vehicle. 
  • Keep tracking your pet’s journey with the Airway bill number as flight timings can be changed under different conditions. 
  • Carry a verified photo ID with you. You can only collect the pet if your name is on the booking and airway bill list. 
  • Your pet must remain inside its crate at all terminals as well as car parking areas. 
  • If you have hired a pet crate, then you should return to the off-site locations of the company.
  • As terminals are quite busy areas, make sure to follow signboards and adhere to safety standards. Qantas recommends you leave the freight terminal as soon as you collect your pet. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Yes, traveling with Qantas Airlines is safe, but only if your pet is healthy. Despite this, things will be much easier with Qantas Airlines, and you must follow the listed rules.

Yes, of course, as per the policy, animals like dogs, cats, rabbits, guinea pigs, and domestic birds which don't need travel permits are allowed on the plane to travel. Only some dangerous breeds like Persa Canario, Japanese Tosa, Dogo Argentino, PitBull, American Pit Bull, and Brazilian Mastiff.

Just do not travel in extremely cold or extremely hot weather conditions. You can take late-night or early-morning flights, especially traveling with your pet.

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