Allegiant Change Name on Ticket & Fee

Now let’s first understand the importance of changing the name. The name change policy of Allegiant Air is very straightforward and clear. As per the TSA rules, if your name is not the same as on the documents, then the airline can deny that you are boarding the flight. Ensure double checking your name on the tickets purchased for the tour.

Allegiant Airlines' name change policy is handy for flyers. Still, the policy has certain limitations. For instance, if you book a ticket directly with Allegiant Airlines, only you can take advantage of the name change policy. Allegiant won't provide any assistance in bookings with third parties. In case of bookings with any third-party agency, you have to contact the agent at the airline to change your name on the fare. If you want to know more about the Allegiant name change policy guidelines, you can scroll down and seek help from the below-mentioned points.

Here's a table outlining Allegiant name change policy:

Ticket Type Fare Rules  Name Change Policy 
Economy Class  Refundable  Charges apply for a name change 
Economy Class  Non-Refundable Charges are applied for a name change

Note: All the facts and figures shared in the box can differ and depend on the fare. So, all the users are advised to visit the website of the airline. Aside from this, the individual can also connect with the live agent at Allegiant and seek further assistance for changing your name on the booking; otherwise, Allegiant will disprove you to take the flight.

Eligibility for Allegiant Name Change

Now, if you are planning to change your name on the booking made with Allegiant Air, you can consider the below-mentioned points before changing your name on the fare.

  • According to the Allegiant name change policy, reward club members are not entitled for changing their name on the fare bought for the trip.
  • The airline will not allow you to modify the ownership of the fare.
  • You must know that the airline will send the fare for re-issuance. If any additional charges occur, you have to pay for those charges.
  • Only direct bookings with Allegiant are eligible to take advantage of the name change policy.
  • Allegiant Airlines will apply the most restricted fare rules if you use name changing policy for multiple fares.
  • If Allegiant approves the request for a name change, you can also choose your seat and any other additional requirement.
  • Suppose you change your name because of circumstances like marriage or divorce. Then for Allegiant Airlines Change Name on Ticket, you have to submit your official documents to the airline for making changes to your name

When Can You Change the Name on Your Reservation?

Now the question arises why the flyer needs to change the name on the pre-booked flight. As discussed earlier, Allegiant Airlines' changing the name on the Ticket will not allow the passengers to board the flight if the name varies on the documents. However, there can be a bundle of reasons for the flyer to modify the name on the fare.

Spelling corrections

It is often noticed that there can be certain spelling errors and corrections in the bookings because of human errors or typing mistakes. Once you receive the details on your registered mail id, check the name. If there is any correction, immediately contact the airlines to complete the changes. 

Due to Marriage or Divorce

Now, coming towards the usage of Allegiant name change policy if your name or surname changes. You may book your trip in advance; afterward, your surname gets altered because of situations like marriage and divorce. For this, contact the airline and explain the reason. Apart from this, you can also provide proper documentation for changing your name.

Edit/ Add/ Alter the middle name if any

Imagine booking your ticket with the middle name and now having some modifications. According to the name change policy of Allegiant air, you can make such changes to your fare. But certain charges might be applied to your fare, and you have to pay for it. This little reason can lead you to miss a flight.

Fees for Changing the Name 

Allegiant Airlines' changing the name on the Ticket will not allow the passengers to allegiant check in if the name varies on the documents.

Name Correction

If you opt to change your name on the fare, then you will be charged by the airline. However, the changes in the letters also make a difference in the Allegiant Airlines name change fee. If the name correction is up to 4 letters, Allegiant will charge you 225 USD and the fare difference.

Changes and corrections in Middle Name 

If you want to get some modifications done to your middle name on the fare, then Allegiant Airlines will charge you 225 USD along with the fare difference.

Addition of Prefix/ Suffix/ Title

There are several times when the title or prefix of the name can be changed due to human error, typing mistakes, or personal reasons. For this, Allegiant Air will charge you a nominal amount of 175 USD and the fare difference. 

Here’s a representation of the charges for name changing policy 

Type of Name Change Request  Charges Applicable 
Name Correction 225 USD along with a fare difference 
Changes and corrections in Middle Name  225 USD along with a fare difference 
Addition of Prefix/ Suffix/ Title 175 USD along with a fare difference 

Steps to Change Name on Allegiant Reservation

Follow the below-mentioned steps to change the name on your Allegiant reservation:

Step 1: Check the Eligibility

Firstly you must check the fare's eligibility with Allegiant airline for changing the name. By doing so, you will get a clarification of what can be your best choice. Adding to it, you can also estimate the charges the airline may imply on your for changing flight.

Step 2: Contact Allegiant Customer Service

Only the ticket directly booked with Allegiant Airline are considered eligible for the name-changing policy. Undoubtedly, the customer care executive is the one who must be contacted to change the name on the Allegiant reservation. You can seek more details from the executive for the name-changing policy.

Step 3: Provide Necessary Information:

Now when you proceed with the process of Allegiant flight cancellation, you are starting to provide all the necessary details that you want to be edited on your fare. Explain all the changes to the agent and get it done. You have to share your documents for verification.

Step 4: Make the payment for the fees

You are now coming toward the last step for the name-changing policy. Once you finish everything, Allegiant Airlines will ask you to pay for the name change on the fare. However, the charges may differ according to the changes made to the fare. You can pay through any mode and change your name on the Allegiant reservations.

Publish Date: 05/11/2023