In-Flight Entertainment: Can You Use Bluetooth on a Plane?

In-Flight Entertainment: Can You Use Bluetooth on a Plane?

Once you move out of your house to board your flight from that time only, you either put on your headphones or connect your phone to the Bluetooth device, but have you ever thought of this? Or have you ever wondered can you use Bluetooth on a plane? There are some passengers out there who always wonder about the same. Before you connect your Bluetooth headphones or speakers, there are specific guidelines that you must look at before flying with the Bluetooth headphones on.

With this article, our primary focus is to provide all the necessary details and information for the passengers regarding using Bluetooth headphones during their journey on the flight. So please sit back, relax, and let's take off into the world of Bluetooth on planes.

Is it possible to use Bluetooth on a plane?

So a straightforward and direct answer to this question is yes! All the passengers can use a Bluetooth device on a plane. However, there are certain guidelines, like when the flight takes off, all the devices, especially your phones, must be in airplane mode. 

With technological development, Bluetooth has been integrated into almost every device, like Airpods, Keyboard, and other wireless headphones. By looking at this, some airlines and the FAA have modified their approach and changed their policy. Now they permit passengers to carry all types of Bluetooth devices with them during their flights. 

Still, there are certain airlines that won’t allow passengers to use any kind of Bluetooth device or electronic device before the flight reaches a certain height. In most cases, once the plane starts flying 10,000 feet, only the passengers can use their electronic devices or Bluetooth headphones. Let’s dive in more and learn about all the details passengers must take care of during their flights.

Is it possible to Access the Internet during the Flight?

While talking about the feature of accessing the internet during the flight, then, it depends. Every airline has a list of different services they provide to the flyers. Generally, passengers are not allowed to use the internet during the flight take-off; either they can switch off their phone or put it on airplane mode.

Now you may wonder, does Bluetooth work in airplane mode or not?. This depends on whether your device supports Bluetooth or not in airplane mode. With some airlines, you can even pay an additional amount for accessing the Wi-Fi. And with the wSo it depends from airline to airline and also the seating class.

How can you use Bluetooth on a plane?

You can use Bluetooth on a plane, but there are certain things that a passenger is responsible for. Most of the airlines have switched to the upgraded technology, but there are still few left. So it depends on the airline you are booking a flight with and whether you can use your Bluetooth headphones. 

  • You have to put your phone on airplane mode during the flight takeoff. You cannot use your phone or have any connectivity during the takeoff.

  • The FAA has released permission for using Bluetooth headphones in a plane. But simultaneously, it has left the final decision on the airline if they wish to allow it. 

  • We would like to quote an example over here; United Airlines have allowed passengers to carry or use any kind of Bluetooth device with them on the plane. However, the passengers can only use it after taking off and reaching a certain height. On the other hand, Air Canada still restricts its passengers from carrying any kind of Bluetooth device on the plane that doesn’t have the feature of Wi-Fi.

Which Airlines are permitted to use Bluetooth on a Plane?

Here is a list of certain airlines that have allowed headphones or passengers to carry their Bluetooth devices on the plane.

  • United Airlines: For the passengers booking with United Airlines, it can be a piece of good news that they can carry and use their Bluetooth headphones. Moreover, they can connect it with the setback screens and benefit from the in-flight entertainment.

  • Alaska Airlines: Alaska Airlines have permitted passengers to bring and use their Bluetooth devices on planes. But the passenger traveling with Alaska Airlines must ensure to turn off all electronic devices during the flight.

  • Southwest Airlines: One of the best low-cost carriers, Southwest Airlines has also allowed passengers to carry their Bluetooth devices on the plane. 

  • Frontier Airlines: As per Frontier Airlines, passengers bringing Bluetooth devices on the plane during their journey are absolutely fine with them. 

  • Allegiant Airlines: Allegiant Airlines have no issues with passengers bringing their Bluetooth devices on the plane.

  • British Airways: British Airways responded to a passenger recently by confirming that they are allowed to carry Bluetooth devices. The devices can be headphones, keyboards, and any other Bluetooth devices. 

Which Electronics Can You Bring Onboard? 

Certain airlines still allow passengers to carry electronic devices with them. The list of electronic devices includes things like smartphones, tablets, laptops, and e-readers. But there are restrictions on using these electronic devices. Generally, airlines don’t allow the passenger to use some sort of electronic device during takeoff. But you are allowed to use it once you reach a specific height. 

It's also important to note that some devices may need to be switched to airplane mode or turned off completely during certain phases of the flight. This is to prevent interference with the plane's communication and navigation systems.

As for Bluetooth, some airlines allow it to be used on their flights, but others may prohibit it due to concerns about interference with the plane's communication systems.

Connect Wireless Headphones with Seat-back screen With No Bluetooth Options

You can connect also connect your headphones to the seat-back screens. Some airlines, like United Airlines, allow passengers to connect their Bluetooth or wired earphones to the seat-back screen and enjoy their favorite show or listen to music throughout the journey.

The seat-back screens in the plane have a headphone jack (in most planes) to enable the passengers to connect their devices. For connecting with the seat-back screen, you must have a headphone cable with a jack on the ends ( jack of 3.5mm)

Moving forward for connecting your headphones. Simply plug one end of the cable into the headphone jack on the screen and the other end into the jack of your headphones. Simple and easy, right? But don’t forget to turn on the volume on both the screen and your headphones. This way, you can hear the audio through your headphones. 

In case your headphones don't have a 3.5mm jack, you may need an adapter to connect them to the headphone cable. Some airlines may provide these adapters, but it's best to bring your own, just in case.

Remember that the availability of seat-back screens and jacks for headphones on airplane can vary depending on the airline and the type of plane you're flying on. For the passengers who are not sure if their plane has seat-back screens or headphone jacks, then do check with the partner airline. The airline will share the right details with you depending on the type and class of your fare. 

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