Top 4 Things to Do in Orlando - Explore the Best Places to Visit

Top 4 Things to Do in Orlando - Explore the Best Places to Visit

Buckle up your seat belt and visit the Phenomenal City of Florida. Yes, you guessed it right. I am talking about the City of Light, Orlando, Florida. Due to its uncountable, amazing, and adventure parks, this place is surely on top of millions of people’s bucket lists. 

Even if you are on a trip to Florida still you can’t miss the top attractions of Orlando. This beautiful city has many things to offer. No matter what activity you choose, whether a walking tour or a sunset boat cruise to explore more than 100 lakes, this city will keep you entertained. 

Everything in this city is simply amazing, from dining options to nightlife and from golf courses to sports spectacles. No matter what your taste is like, one thing is been confirmed, this trip of yours will be the best one. 

Things to Do in Orlando, Florida

Orlando is very famous because of its various theme parks. However, apart from these parks, there are many other things to explore. In the below-given sections, I have talked about each and every place that you must visit and all the activities that you should do at least once. So, without wasting any other second, let’s dive into the article. 

1. Theme Parks

The best things to do in Orlando are to visit Theme Parks. 

mco Theme Parks

A. Walt Disney World

The first place that you must visit is Walt Disney World as this is the most popular theme park in Orlando. Doesn’t matter what your age is, this park will never cease to amaze you. Here you can meet all your favorite Disney characters. Apart from that you can also enjoy many other things such as live concerts, amazing rides, fancy foods, and snacks. 

B. Universal's Islands of Adventure

Are you a Harry Potter fan? If yes, then plan your visit to this theme park. Here you will get to revive all your memories of the Harry Potter series. Apart from that, you can also get to enjoy themed shopping, dining, and other entertaining things. 

C. Fun Spot America Theme Parks

If you are an extreme thrill seeker then get ready to explore the world’s two tallest SkyCoasters. On these riding, you can enjoy a perfect blend of skydiving and hang gliding. 

D. Magic Kingdom Park

At this theme park, you will get to enjoy more than 35 amazing and eye-soothing attractions, dining, shopping places, and thrilling rides at just pocket friendly. The most attractive item of this park that should not miss at any cost is the iconic Cinderella Castle. 

2. Water Park

The best things to do in Orlando are to visit Water Park. 

Orlando Water Park

A. Nona Adventure Park

After exploring Amusement parks, you can go to the water parks. If you want to know why Orlando is also known as the “water sports capital of the world,” then look no further and go to Nona Adventure Park. 

Here you can get to explore a 60-foot climbing tower, a ropes course, and a wakeboarding arena. All the equipment to enjoy these activities will be given by the park but you can carry your own tools as well. 

B. Universal's Volcano Bay

Universal's Volcano Bay promises to provide fun under the sun for the whole family. Whether an 8-year-old kid or an 80-year-old elder, that doesn't matter. In this place, you can enjoy more than 16 rides such as slides, lazy rivers, and aqua coasters at just an affordable price.

3. Museums

The best things to do in Orlando are to visit Museums. 

Orlando Museums

A. Orlando Science Center

Orlando Science Center is the best place to explore and learn every small detail about science and technology. This museum is a private museum that takes approx. $24.00 per person as an entry fee. 

If you are traveling with your kids then you must visit this place. This science center will be a perfect blend of fun and education for your small kiddos. 

B. Orlando Museum of Art

To explore the art of Orlando, this place is the right choice. Orlando Museum of Art is a non-profit museum that offers various arts from pottery and textiles to contemporary works of Africa and America. 

4. Tourist Attractions

You can explore many Tourist Attractions.

orlando Tourist Attractions

A. Universal CityWalk Orlando

If you are interested to explore the nightlife of Orlando then this place would be the perfect choice. Here you can do plenty of things. A small list of activities is mentioned below; 

  • Ride on a water taxi.
  • Enjoy the world-class deserts. 
  • Spend some quality time with your partner at a live concert 
  • If you love to sing then go to Karaoke club and be a rising star. 
  • For shopaholic people, this place has plenty of better shop options. 
  • Play golf with your family and friends in a Hollywood style. 

B. Lake Eola Park

Bless your eyes with the beautiful sight of Lake Eola Park. This lake is situated in the heart of Center Orlando. In this lake, you can get to see a very overwhelming and mesmerizing sight of swans. 

This place is known as the home of various swans species which includes Trumpeter Swans, Black Neck Swans, Whooper Swans, Royal Mute Swans, and Australian Black Swans. 

C. The Wheel at ICON Park

Make your entry at Icon Park absolutely free and discover all the various rides and food courts. If you are a daredevil and very fond of height then enjoy the outstanding huge wheel ride for just nominal rates. 

D. Disney Springs

Select a date to spend your entire day at Disney Springs. Explore various market place and small rides. 

Here you can buy various items as a token of memories for your loved ones. You can visit this place as often as you want without spending a penny on the entrance. 

This place is very famous for its dining options and for many varieties of Disney merchandise. 

E. Sea Life Aquarium 

Explore the home of over 5000 different aqua species with your family. Here you can get to see sharks, stingrays, sea turtles, frogs, and various types of fish. In this place, you can see animal feeding shows, and you can also touch some of the specimens. 

F. Ghost Tours

As I mentioned earlier, Orlando offers many things to explore apart from theme parks, rides, and malls. Meet your tour guide after dark and uncover the frightening past history of Orlando. Find out all the paranormal activity and try all the professional ghost-hunting tools. There is no minimum limit for a group. Whatever your group size is, the guide will surely go ahead with you. 

Even if I write ten more articles on Orlando still the list of the amazing places in this sparkling city will not end. However, I have tried my best to present all the magnificent places of Orlando, in this article. So hopefully, it will help to light up your inner desire to visit this city even more. 

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