10 Best Things To Do in New York City, NYC

10 Best Things To Do in New York City, NYC

A city that never sleeps will make your trip a worthwhile experience. Also known as the Big Apple, New York City has abundant of things to do in its pockets. This amazing city is a melting pot of heritage and ethnicities, with a prosperous history and lively arts scene. 

One of the prominent things about New York is its amazing horizon. It is dominated by towering skyscrapers and iconic buildings. 

New York City is known for its assorted neighborhoods. Each locale is filled with its own unique character and charm. From the trendy boutiques and cafes of SoHo to the sparkling street life of Harlem. You will always get something new and exciting to explore in this city.

There are around a hundred epic places to visit and thousands of things to do in New York. In this blog, we have given a summary of the top 10 things to do in this fantastic city.

So buckle up and learn how you can enjoy your time while in New York.

Top 10 Best Things To Do In New York

With its endless attractions beautifully displayed, New York City has something for everyone. Visiting this city for the first time or living here, it doesn't matter at all. This city will enhance your mindset and you will discover a variety of things around you.

1. Visit the Statue of Liberty:

Statue of Liberty

This brightly shining beacon is a classic symbol of freedom in the US. Your best option could be taking a ferry to Liberty Island. The first ride to this magnificent place leaves around 9 am. And the last boat to come back is at 4:30 pm. To enjoy the sights of New York, you can climb to the top of this statue.

2. See a Broadway show:

Broadway show

New York City houses some of the best theaters in the world. The shows on Broadway are a must to watch if you are visiting the city. You can see from classic musicals to contemporary dramas. "The Great White Way" represents the heart and soul of American theater. You can see all you need of the Times Square neighborhood just by trundling back and forth between shows. 

3. Explore the Metropolitan Museum of Art:

Museum of Art

It is one of the enormous and most inclusive art museums around the globe. You can spend hours exploring the museum's wide collection of art, from ancient artifacts to contemporary masterpieces. To make a day of your visit, consider dining at one of the museum's top-notch eateries, or enjoying a photo-worthy sunset from the rooftop garden bar. This art museum is free for kids and has a fee of approx. $25 for adults.

4. Walk through Central Park:

Central Park

A peaceful area in the middle of the bustling city. You can gently stroll through the park, rent a bike, or even take a carriage ride. There's an almost impossible amount of sights to see here (hidden treasures, indeed). More than 20 playgrounds, 48 fountains, monuments or sculptures, and 30 bridges are included in this park. 

  • Bethesda Fountain: This romantic fountain's name refers to a pool in Jerusalem with healing powers. While you're there, be sure to snap a few photos of the Angel of the Waters sculpture that tops this mid-park sight. 
  • Conservatory Garden: The only formal garden found in Central Park, this beautiful place is a quiet spot to relax and enjoy the views. It comprises 6 acres of flora and seasonal greenery arranged in three distinct styles: English, French, and Italian. 
  • Loeb Bathhouse: This Victorian-style boathouse is a stunning place to spend your time. During the summer months, you can rent a gondola, bike, or boat and relax on your trip.

5. Explore the High Line:

the High Line

This is a unique urban park built on an abandoned elevated railway. Here, you'll find continually changing public art installations, a handful of food vendors, and a sprawling picnic and sunbathing area. You can roam around this park and enjoy stunning views of the city. The whole area is surrounded by lush green trees and plants. This park is open from 7 am-7 pm and there is no entry fee.

6. Take a stroll through Times Square:

Times Square

This famous square is the life of New York City's entertainment district. Visit this square after dark to see the marquee displays. You can take in the bright lights, street performers, and bustling crowds for a true New York City experience. Checking out this place before or after a Broadway show is the perfect time to fit it into your schedule. 

7. Experience the Culinary Scene:

Times Square

New York City is well known as a foodie's paradise. There are many options for cuisines and places to dine in. You can choose as per your taste and preferences. From top-notch restaurants to street food sellers, you can sample types of food here in your budget. One way to get a taste of New York's excellent cuisine across a variety of neighborhoods is to take a food tour.

8. Visit the Empire State Building:

Empire State Building

This building can be your perfect way to begin or end the excursion of New York City. Exhibits detail everything from the building's construction in the 1930s to its role in present-day pop culture. If you want to avoid the bustling crowds, you should visit this building either in the morning or at night after 10 p.m. It is open from 10 am to midnight every day. The ticket price for the Empire State Building is approx. $44 for adults and $38 for 6-12 year kids.

9.  Walk across the Brooklyn Bridge:

Brooklyn Bridge

It is the oldest suspension bridge in the US. You can see the mesmerizing skyline of Manhattan while crossing this bridge. It takes around 30 minutes to walk from one side to the other and it's free to visit. This bridge can be one of your favorite walking pastimes. 

10. Visit the 9/11 Memorial and Museum:

9/11 Memorial

This memorial is a commanding tribute to the victims who suffered the attacks by terrorists on September 11, 2011. Pay your condolences at the memorial and learn more about the tragic events of that day. You can visit the memorial by paying approx. $29 for adults and approx. $17 for kids.

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