Top 14 Things to Do in London - Trip to the Best Places

Top 14 Things to Do in London - Trip to the Best Places

With the mood to visit London as your next destination, you might be all prepared with the list of places. But still, there are several things that you can miss out on. You can't complete the list in one sitting because London is massive. However, London will never bore you, so you can visit the place repeatedly to visit the missed locations. But here are the particular glories of the place that deserve to be visited in the first place.

Best Things to Do in London 

Let’s briefly tour the destinations and things to do once you enter London. From historical sites to nightlife, you will find the best places to spend time in London. 

Historical and Cultural Attractions

Visitors looking to visit and explore historical and cultural attractions can add these places to their list:

1. Visit the Tower of London

Starting with one of London's famous historical and cultural attractions, The Tower of London. This tower has a rich and fascinating history, including a royal palace, a prison, and a treasury.

2. Explore the British Museum

The British Museum showcases a vast collection spanning over 2 million years of human history and culture. Come to see world-famous objects like the Rosetta Stone, the Parthenon sculptures, and Egyptian mummies.

Iconic Landmarks and Views

Some of the famous landmarks and views to visit in London are:

1. View the city from the London Eye

Want to have a look at the city in one view? Go for the London Eye. It is a giant Ferris wheel located in London, UK. It offers stunning city views from 443 feet above the River Thames.

2. Visit the iconic Tower Bridge

Tower Bridge is a suspension bridge that spans the River Thames and is characterized by its iconic towers and drawbridge design. It is open to vehicles and pedestrians, and visitors can enjoy the Tower Bridge Exhibition.

Parks and Green Spaces

Take a break from the hustle and bustle of your daily life and relax in some green spaces to calm your mind.

1. Relax in Hyde Park

Hyde Park covers over 350 acres. Moreover, it features numerous landmarks, including Speaker's Corner, the Serpentine Lake, and the Diana Princess of Wales Memorial Fountain.

2. Explore the Royal Botanic Gardens at Kew

Royal Botanical Gardens at Kew can be a perfect spot for nature lovers. Here visitors get to soothe their eyes with over 50,000 living plants. 

Shopping and Markets

Grab the best trends from the street of London and visit some of the best shopping stores and markets:

1. Shop at Oxford Street

Oxford Street is one of London, England's busiest and most famous shopping streets. It is home to over 300 shops, including major department stores like Selfridges and John Lewis.

2. Visit the famous Harrods department store

Another famous, world-famous luxury department store located in Knightsbridge is Harrods. It was established in 1834 and comprises over 5 acres of retail space. During your visit to Harrods, you can look at unique items such as designer fashion, fine jewelry, and home decor.

Entertainment and Nightlife

London has a different craze for entertainment and nightlife. The list of places offering the best and most vibrant environment includes:

1. Catch a show in the West End

The West End has a rich history and vibrant culture. Visitors seeking out perfect nightlife scenes can surely bump into this place. Here at West End, visitors can find an extensive range of things, like numerous bars, pubs, and restaurants offering a variety of cuisines and entertainment options.

2. Party in Soho

Soho has something for everyone. Soho provides entertainment options for visitors of all ages and tastes. It can be the best place for you if you are looking for bustling streets, bars, clubs, and restaurants.

Food and Drink

To satisfy your hunger pangs you can visit these places in London that offers the best cuisines and drinks:

1. Try standard fish and chips

No trip to London is complete without trying traditional fish and chips, a classic British dish made with battered fish and served with chips and mushy peas. This special cuisine is available almost everywhere in London, whether a casual takeaway or an upscale restaurant.

2. Enjoy afternoon tea at The Ritz

Tea lovers can't skip this place for sure. Ritz is a world-famous luxury hotel in London that is praised for its traditional afternoon tea. Guests can indulge in freshly baked pastries, finger sandwiches, and scones served with clotted cream and jam, along with a selection of fine teas and champagne. The elegant surroundings and impeccable service make for a truly unforgettable experience.  Visitors can experience the taste of British culture and tradition at Ritz. 

Day Trips from London

If you want to plan your day trip in London, then try to do some of the below-mentioned activities:

1. Visit Windsor Castle

Located in the town of Windsor, just outside of London, Windsor Castle is a historic royal residence. When talking about Windsor, it is one of the world's largest and oldest inhabited castles. This place has been home to many British kings and queens for over 1,000 years. Visitors can explore the castle's state apartments, St. George's Chapel, and Queen Mary's Dolls' House. They can also witness the changing of the guard ceremony and enjoy the stunning views of the surrounding countryside. History buffs must visit this site if they are interested in British history and architecture.

2. Take a trip to Stonehenge

The iconic stone circle is over 4,000 years old, and its purpose and origins continue to intrigue archaeologists and historians. Visitors can explore the site's visitor center, exhibitions, and audio guides to learn about its fascinating history and significance.


So, we all know that London is undoubtedly one of the world’s most vibrant and exciting cities. London is considered a melting point of cultures, traditions, and history, making it an attractive destination for flyers to hop in. Talking about popularity, then, the city is famous for its iconic landmarks, diverse neighborhoods, and rich cultural heritage. For history enthusiasts, numerous museums and historical sites showcase the city's fascinating past. The Tower of London, the British Museum, and the Houses of Parliament are just a few of London's many historical attractions.

Those interested in art and culture will also find many options in London. The city is home to some of the world's most renowned museums, such as the National Gallery and the Tate Modern. Additionally, there are numerous theaters, music venues, and other cultural institutions that offer a variety of entertainment options.

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