Seattle is also renowned as the "Emerald City." The place has it all, including a rich history, a thriving art scene, and a host of exciting outdoor adventures. From sipping coffee at the original Starbucks to exploring the bustling Pike Place Market, there are countless things to do in Seattle. If you are a foodie, music enthusiast, or seeker of outdoor activities, this Pacific Northwest gem will capture your heart and leave you logging in for more.

Best Things to Do in Seattle 

Let’s look at what you can do and where you can visit during your vacations in Seattle. Mark the beginning of your trip by experiencing the natural beauty of Seattle with these top outdoor activities.

Natural Beauty of Seattle 

Explore all the below-mentioned 

  • Visit Mount Rainier, National Park

Mount Rainier, National Park

For all the visitors who have the spark to try on some thrilling outdoor activities, Mount Rainier National Park is the perfect spot. Mount Rainier has turned out to be home to the iconic snow-capped peak of Mount Rainier. It also boasts pristine alpine meadows, glistening glaciers, and breathtaking vistas on every corner. This stunning natural wonder draws visitors from all around the world. 

A perfect place for visiting all the stunning and captivating mountain views, and experiencing hiking trails for all levels. Visitors can also make it a picnic area or camping site for spending more time at this perfect place. 

  • Explore Olympic National Park

Olympic National Park

Landscapes. Undoubtedly it is a true gem of the Pacific Northwest and is a paradise for all nature lovers. By visiting this place, the visitors get a chance to explore everything, starting from rugged coastlines and dense forests to beautiful white peaks and sparkling lakes. You can get a chance to explore wildlife viewing opportunities at this location.

  • Go on a Whale Watching Tour

Whale Watching Tour

Nothing can be more thrilling than a whale-watching tour. Visitors during this tour can get a glimpse into the world of these magnificent creatures. Grab the opportunity to watch the orcas and other whales in their natural habitat. You can also learn from knowledgeable guides about the whales and their habitat.

Cultural Attractions

Nothing can be more thrilling than a whale-watching tour. Visitors on this tour can get a glimpse into the world of these magnificent creatures. Grab the opportunity to watch orcas and other whales in their natural habitat. You can also learn from knowledgeable guides about the whales and their habitat.

  • Visit the Space Needle

Space Needle

Space Needle is one of the iconic landmarks in Seattle, offering breathtaking views of the city and the surrounding mountains. Standing 605 feet tall, this observation tower features an observation deck and rotating restaurant, offering unparalleled views of the cityscape and the stunning natural scenery beyond. Visitors can also satisfy their hunger pangs in the revolving restaurant at the top.

  • Tour the Chihuly Garden and Glass Museum

Chihuly Garden and Glass Museum

The Chihuly Garden and glass museum is a stunning display of the innovative and imaginative glass art of Dale Chihuly. This Glass Museum has its base in the heart of Seattle. It features a variety of glass sculptures, installations, and exhibits that showcase Chihuly’s unique artistic style.

Visitors can explore the stunning indoor and outdoor gardens adorned with intricate glass pieces that dance in the light and delight the senses. A visit to the Chihuly Garden and Glass Museum is a feast for the eyes and an unforgettable experience.

  • Explore Pike Place Market

Pike Place Market

Pike Place Market is a bustling marketplace that has been a beloved destination for locals and visitors for over a century. With over 200 vendors offering everything from fresh seafood and artisanal cheeses to handmade crafts and souvenirs, the market is a feast for the senses. 

Visitors can watch fishmongers throw fish, sample local produce, and soak up the lively atmosphere of this iconic Seattle landmark. A trip to Pike Place Market is an experience not to be missed.

Enjoy Seattle with the whole family with these top activities.

For visitors traveling with the whole family, choosing the best location that everyone can like is quite confusing. The destinations and locations below are the best for family trips. 

  • Visit the Seattle Aquarium

Seattle Aquarium

Seattle Aquarium has exhibits of marine life from the Pacific Northwest. This aquarium features a variety of sea creatures, including otters, seals, and sea lions. Seattle Aquarium also offers visitors touch tanks and educational programs that offer insights into the ocean's mysteries.

  • Go on a Seattle Underground Tour

Seattle Underground Tour

Ever wondered how thrilling the underground tour can be? Give it a try in Seattle. Explore the mysteries and attractions under the streets of Seattle. 

  • Learn about Seattle's history

Get a chance to know more about the history of Seattle with one of the best guides. You will surely have an unbeatable experience while learning about the history of Seattle from the entertaining guides. Seattle Underground Tour has been every visitor's favorite activity to do while spending their vacation in Seattle.

  • Ride the Great Wheel

Ride the Great Wheel

A must-visit attraction in Seattle that offers breathtaking views of the city and Puget Sound from its towering height of 175 feet. This Ferris wheel is the largest on the West Coast, and its climate-controlled gondolas provide a comfortable and scenic ride. A spin on the Great Wheel is a thrilling way to experience the beauty of Seattle from above.

Food and Drink

Who doesn’t loves to indulge in the food and treat their taste buds? Of course, everyone does. You must try Seattle's food and drink scene with these top recommendations.

  • Visit Starbucks Reserve Roastery

Starbucks Reserve Roastery

The StarbucksReserve Roastery in Seattle is the flagship store for Starbucks. Experience the ultimate coffee lover's destination at the Starbucks Reserve Roastery in Seattle. Explore the art and science of coffee roasting and brewing, and savor unique and rare coffee blends. Indulge in the coffee brewing process's theater and indulge in the freshly roasted beans' aroma.

  • Dine at Canlis Restaurant

Canlis Restaurant

For over 70 years, Canlis Restaurant has been a go-to spot for fine dining in Seattle. Perched atop Queen Anne Hill, the restaurant boasts stunning views of the city skyline and Lake Union. Canlis offers an unforgettable culinary journey featuring Pacific Northwest flavors, exceptional service, and attention to detail. A meal at Canlis is an experience not to be missed.


After knowing all the best things to do in Seattle, you can’t deny that Seattle can’t be your next vacation destination. Whether it’s a family trip, a trip with friends, or a solo trip, the city has everything. From exploring to enjoying, you will be mesmerized during the whole trip. You will unlock a new adventure every hour on the streets of Seattle. So what are you waiting for? Grab your tickets asap. 

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