United Airlines Group Booking - How to Plan Your Trip Together

United Airlines Group Booking - How to Plan Your Trip Together

If you are planning for a group trip, then without any second thought book your flight through the United Airlines Group Booking program.  

Why? Then, just let me help you out with this. In this blog, I will tell you the reasons why you should fly with United Airlines. Apart from that, I will also guide you on how to make your booking seamlessly. 

What is United Group Reservation?

United Airlines Group Reservation is a program that allows organizations to book flights for groups of more than 10 people at a discounted rate. To qualify for a group reservation, your group must meet the below-given criteria:
  • To become eligible, you must have 10 or more people in your group.

  • Next, you have to travel on the same flight. 

  • You all have to book your flight at the same time. 

  • Lastly, the group must pay for their tickets in one lump sum.


Who Can Apply for United Group Reservation?

United Group Reservation is available for various organizations that have at least 10 or more people in a group. A list of organizations is given below: 

  • Schools
  • Churches
  • Sports teams
  • Clubs
  • Associations
  • Businesses
  • Government agencies
  • Military groups
  • Tour operators

Once your group has met the eligibility requirements, you can submit a group reservation request to United Airlines. You can submit your request online or by calling United Reservations.

When submitting your request, you will need to provide the following information:

  • The name of your group
  • The number of people in your group
  • The dates of your travel
  • The departure and arrival cities
  • The class of service you would like to book

United Airlines will review your request and will contact you with a quote. If you accept the quote, United Airlines will book your group's tickets.

What are the Benefits of Group Booking?

There are some major benefits of group booking with United Airlines. The benefits are listed below; 

  • Competitive fares: If you book 10 or more tickets together, you will get a 10% to 70% discount on your United Airlines Group Fare. However, you get this benefit, you have to complete United’s online bid request form. 

  • Priority check-in: You and your group member will get a priority United check in facility. That means you can complete the check-in procedure before other fellow passengers. 

  • Dedicated group airport coordinator: To assist you with the airport proceedings and formalities, you will get a dedicated group of airport crew. 

  • Guaranteed fare: If you have more than 10 passengers traveling on a common flight to a common destination, then you can take advantage of a guaranteed fare.

  • Sit together: Guaranteed you and your group will be seated together on the flight.

  • No charges on the name change: With the United Airlines Group Travel program, you will get unlimited name change chances with any charges. However, this facility is for up to 72 hours prior to departure. 

  • Dedicated Customer Service: With United Airlines, you will get dedicated customer service, throughout your flight journey. 

  • Ability to Earn MileagePlus Miles: If you travel with a group, then you will be able to earn MileagePlus Miles rewards for your plans. 

What are the Ways for United Airlines Group Booking?

If you are planning a group trip, then to make it successful, you have to book United flight on time. United Airlines offers 3 various booking methods. Details are given below; 

Flight Booking Via Online Mode

  • Browse the official website of United Airlines on your phone, tab, or computer. 

  • After that, you will see United’s homepage.   

  • There you will see an option “Products & Services”. You have to click on that option. 

  • After that, you will see another option, “Group Travel”. By clicking on that option, you will go to the next page, where you will be able to proceed with the booking procedure. 

  • To proceed, you have to give the details of all the passengers. Such as the number of passengers, their full name, date of birth, departure and arrival cities, travel dates and times, and any specific requirements or preferences.

  • Once you fill in all the details, you may click on the submit button. 

  • Then, make the payment. 

  • After that, you will receive the confirmation mail and ticket details on your phone number or mail Id.

Flight Booking Via Calling the Customer Service Centre

If you are not comfortable with the online method, then you can apply for the telephonic method. Here, you will have to call United Airlines’ Customer Service Centre. This process is very simple and quick. The steps are mentioned below:

  • To start the booking procedure, call the customer care department. 

  • Choose your preferred language. 

  • After that, a customer agent will talk to you. 

  • You have to provide him/her with all the details. Such as the total number of travelers, their full name, date of birth, contact details, departure and arrival cities, and preferred travel dates and times. If you have any specific requirements or preferences, you need to tell them during the making of the itinerary.

  • Once you are done providing details, it is advisable to cross-verify the details to avoid any last-moment surprises at the airport.  

  • After that, you make the payment.

  • After completion, you will receive the confirmation mail and ticket details in your mail.  

Flight Booking Via a Third-Party Travel Agency

To get some additional benefits during the booking, you can opt for the Third-Party Travel Agency option. Book your flight with a trustworthy agency “Farecopy”. To complete the procedure, there are certain steps that you are required to follow. The steps are given below:

  • Call the agency. 

  • And provide your details, which include, the number of passengers, their details, travel date, departure and arrival destinations, number of baggage, and any other requirements if you have. 

  • After that, confirm the details. 

  • Make the payment. 

  • And receive the ticket details in your email details.

Note: You have to show the confirmation mail at the boarding gate. Apart from that, you will have to show mail during your flight boarding process.

Additional Information About United Airlines Group Reservation

If you are planning a trip with a group of 10 or more people, I encourage you to consider booking a group reservation with United Airlines. It is a great way to save money and get the best possible service for your group travel needs.

Here are some additional details about United Group Reservations:
You can book a group reservation online or by calling the United Airlines group travel phone number 1-800-426-1122.
The calling timings: Monday - Friday 7:00 a.m. - 8:00 p.m. Central time.
Group bookings are subject to availability.
United Airlines reserves the right to change or cancel any group booking at any time.

Final Thought :

If you travel with your group of more than 10 people via the United Airlines Group Booking program, you will get from 10% to 70% discounts on your fare tickets. Isn’t it a great deal? So, without wasting any other minute, go to the official website of United Airlines and grab the tickets and the tempting offers. Happy Travels. 

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