12 Best Places to Visit in Denver: Explore the Mile High City

12 Best Places to Visit in Denver: Explore the Mile High City

Get ready to visit the city that displays approx 300 days of breathtaking mountain scenery, magnificent blue skies, and brilliant sunshine. Yes, you guessed it right. I am talking about Denver, the Walkable Outdoor City. 

This city has a lot to offer from red-hot music scenes to interesting museums, from delicious mouthwatering foods to top-class shopping malls. 

Denver is also known as the most affordable hub in the U.S. In this city, you can explore many free events, festivals, concerts, and sports contests. 

So, if you have added this spectacular city to your destination vacation list then you should be aware of some of the best places to visit in Denver. 

Well, I have done some deep research to create this comprehensive guide that will help you to plan your trip accordingly. So, without any delays, let’s begin. 

Best Places to Visit in Denver:

There are plenty of amusing places in Denver to visit. It is advisable to visit Denver with your beloved family and friends to have the best vacation trip ever. The bifurcation of the places is given below; 


The first genre of this blog is Denver’s famous parks and gardens. 

Denver Botanic Gardens:

If you are a nature lover or like to visit quiet and soothing places then one of the best choices could be the Denver Botanic Gardens. This garden is an oasis in the city. Here you will get to explore around 400 plant species. 

Rocky Mountain National Park:

Rocky Mountain National Park is known as the highest national park in the nation. To bless your beautiful eyes with mesmerizing sights visit this place at least once. This park will be like a treat to you if you are a nature and art lover. Because this not just gives the perfect nature vibe but also spells some artistic magic in the air. 

Red Rocks Park and Amphitheatre:

Red Rocks Park and Amphitheatre is an iconic American concert venue. If you love to enjoy musical concerts, then this place would be the best choice as it held many concerts of numerous great musicians such as Louis Armstrong, The Beatles, B.B. King, Stevie Nicks, and Willie Nelson.


Explore the enriching history of Denver by visiting the museums. 

Denver Art Museum:

Denver Art Museum is one of the largest art museums between Chicago and the West Coast. In this museum, you can explore more than 70 thousand global arts, which include photos, paintings, fashion, and textile works.

All visitors under 18 years can visit this place for free of cost. 

Denver Museum of Nature & Science:

If you are a science and nature lover then you cannot miss this amazing museum in Denver, Colorado. 

This place could be a perfect place for your children. This place offers both fun and education simultaneously. In this museum, you will get to explore some award-winning wildlife dioramas such as Dinosaurs, Gems & Minerals, and the scariest Mummies. 

Molly Brown House Museum:

This amusing Museum is very famous in Denver as it enhances the glory of the city by telling the story of Margaret “Molly” Brown's activism. Apart from that this place organizes many educational exhibits, programs, and stewardship. 

Wings Over the Rockies Air & Space Museum:

This museum is spacecraft-based. If you get bored by just watching all the exhibited aircraft then you can take a ride on them as well. You can also try your hand at piloting. 

History Colorado Center:

If you are a history buff and want to know the in-depth history of Colorado then this place will showcase the incidents to you. This place exhibits countless events that helped to form and shape Colorado.  

Zoo and Aquarium-

To spend a perfect day out with your family and friends, a tour of the zoo and aquarium can be a good option. 

Denver Zoo:

To explore the wildlife, you must visit the Denver Zoo. It has more than 4 thousand captivated land animals belonging to approx 600 species. This zoo serves both entertainment and education to its visitors. Here, you will get to take a close view of elephants, rhinos, giraffes, llamas, or tropical lizards for about 30 minutes.

Downtown Aquarium:

Once you are done visiting the zoo, you may proceed to explore around 500 species of aqua animals. However, this aquarium only opens on weekends only. Here you can see various types of Sharks. 

Tourist Attractions

Some of the famous tourist attractions are mentioned below:

16th Street Mall:

If you love nightlife and shopping then this place is definitely for you. Here, you can explore around 250 shopping malls, more than 42 outdoor cafes, and many fancy restaurants. 

Larimer Square:

There is one more place in Denver named Larimer Square. Here, you can do a lot of shopping and can spend your evening with your friends. This place is known as a historic landmark. Apart from these, you can try unique chef-driven restaurants as well. 

Final Thought 

Denver is one of the most affordable cities in Colorado. Here you can explore more than 100 places. However, in the above-mentioned article, I have only mentioned the top 12 most highly demanded places that you must visit in Denver. 

If this article helped you to light up the spark to visit Denver then you share it with others. Have a happy and safe journey.

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