Can you Fly Without an ID? Whether you Fly Domestically or Internationally

Can you Fly Without an ID? Whether you Fly Domestically or Internationally

Can you imagine the sinking feeling in your stomach when you realize you've forgotten your ID before a flight? It's a nightmare scenario that can ruin your travel plans in an instant. But fear not. All hope is not lost. The question on everyone's mind is, can you fly without an ID? The answer might surprise you. From forgotten IDs to stolen passports, there are ways to navigate airport security and make it onto your flight without proper identification. So, let's buckle up and explore the possibilities of flying without an ID.

Can You Fly Domestically Without an ID?

The answer to this question totally depends on the type of situation. In certain circumstances, passengers can travel without an ID on domestic flights. Wondering how? Let’s dive into the article and get answers to each question.

Passengers under the age of 17 can easily fly on domestic flights without an ID.

Passengers who can verify themselves at the airport through any medium and are above 18 years of age can fly on domestic flights without an ID.

Steps to verify yourself for domestic flights without an ID?

For the verification purpose, the passenger has to go through an identity verification process after arriving at the airport. Ensure a few hours before the scheduled flight departs because this process may take more time, so if delayed, you can even miss your flight. The various types of forms that you can show for identification include a valid passport, a DHS trusted traveler card, and a passport card.

It is tough for the passengers to verify their identity after arriving at the security line. Even if you are standing in the regular security line and don’t have an ID, they will be pulled out. Furthermore, the airport authority will ask the passenger to complete the undertaking form. 

This form has been released by the Transportation Security Administration (TSA), permitting checking social security records. After you are done with the form, the TSA is going to ask you multiple questions designed to verify your security. Although the question asked by each passenger differs, the pattern remains the same. TSA will only ask for your personal details, such as your father’s or mother’s maiden name and in which state your social security number was issued. 

Once this step of the process is completed, TSA will be verifying your identity through your given responses. The last step of the process is going through the additional screening. When going through airport security, you will usually have to undergo several checks. This can include walking through a full-body scanner, having your carry-on bags thoroughly inspected, and potentially being tested for traces of explosive or firearm residue. In addition, you may also receive a pat-down search. 

Impact of REAL ID on Domestic Travel in the United States

While traveling domestically, there will be no such effect of REAL ID on the passenger. Passengers can use some of the other federally recognized IDs to prove their identity and to board a domestic flight. 

The other types of valid IDs include:
  • Passport 
  • A Passport Card
  • A valid Military ID
  • Global Entry 
  • Legal Permanent Resident Cards

Can You Fly Internationally Without an ID?

Unlike the rules for domestic flights, you won’t be able to fly without an ID on international flights. Even if you smartly pass the airport security checkpoint by passing the identity verification process. Still, you won’t be able to board your flight. Any passenger without an ID won’t be able to board an international flight without a passport in hand. 

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