Can You Bring Binoculars On A Plane? - Packing Perspectives

Can You Bring Binoculars On A Plane? - Packing Perspectives

Binoculars can be used in a variety of situations, many travelers traveling for adventure carry them during camping, hiking, sightseeing, and many other activities. So it becomes an essential item in your baggage, but have you thought, Can you bring binoculars on a plane?

Well yes, you are allowed to carry binoculars on a plane, but with certain guidelines and limitations that you need to follow. According to the Transportation Security Administration (TSA), there is no strict guideline to restrict binoculars on a plane. But as per different airlines, the rules might get changed and you must be aware of them. So let's check out all the rules and regulations all the major airlines of the USA follow.

Policies For Various Airlines

Let's have a look at the policies of different major airlines operating in the United States-

Southwest Airlines

Carrying a binocular on the most lenient airline, Southwest, is very easy. According to the airline's guidelines, it is classified under sporting equipment and should be carried properly in a hard case. If the binoculars are pointed or sharp, you must cover them properly to avoid any kind of harm or damage.

American Airlines

There is no restriction for carrying binoculars on American Airlines. The flag carrier of  America allows its passengers to carry binoculars in the category of sporting and camping equipment. The binoculars should be carefully packed in a hard case and should also be accessible for any kind of security screening.

United Airlines

The airlines provide the passengers to carry the binoculars in their carry-on as well as checked baggage, provided it has been wrapped and properly packed to avoid any kind of damage. Apart from this, you just need to clear the security screening and carry it with you on board.

Delta Airlines

Flying with the best airlines in the USA has its advantages. If you are planning an adventurous trip, a binocular is a much-needed thing in the inventory. So carrying it with your Delta carry-on or checked baggage is easier than ever. You need to pack it with care and hand it over to the security personnel to be screened. And after that, you are free to carry it along with you.

How to Pack and Carry Binoculars?

Packing the binoculars need to be done according to the guidelines, if you have a pointed or sharp-edged binocular, make sure to properly cover it with wrapping material to avoid any kind of damage.
Before packing your binoculars make sure to keep these things in mind-

  • Binoculars must be placed in a bin for X-ray screening.
  • Binoculars with sharp points or edges may be subject to additional screening.
  • If your binoculars exceed the size limit of 10 inches, you will not be allowed to carry them in checked baggage.

Here are some additional tips for flying with binoculars on any airline-

  • Pack your binoculars in a hard-sided case or any shockproof packaging material to protect them from damage.
  • Label your case with your name and contact information.
  • Your binoculars are allowed in both carry-on and checked baggage, but try to pack them in checked luggage. This will ensure that they are prevented from being lost or damaged.
  • Make sure to pack the binoculars in a sturdy box, if you are checking it in.
  • These tips will surely help you to ensure that your binoculars are safe during the trip and reach your destination safely.

Here are some additional details from the official website of the respective airline you are flying with-

  • Binoculars are allowed to be carried in carry-on but they must be passed through the X-ray scanner.
  • Binoculars with sharp points or edges may be subject to additional screening.
  • Binoculars are allowed in checked luggage, but they must be packed in a sturdy and firm box.


Carrying sporting equipment on any airline is quite easy as you need to pack them carefully. Almost every airline allows carrying binoculars on board but with some special requirements. You won’t have to check them separately, only at some airlines they will be processed separately for the screening process.

The answer to your question- “Can you bring binoculars on a plane?” is absolutely yes. You can carry them as a piece of sporting equipment in your carry-on and checked baggage.

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