American Airlines Group Booking- Terms & Conditions

American Airlines Group Booking- Terms & Conditions

We all love to go on a family vacation and explore new places with our loved ones. But how is it possible to book a flight with more members? Calm down as in this blog, we are going to discuss the American Airlines group booking.

American Airlines is the leading air carrier in the US. It is headquartered in Fort Worth. They serve more than 350 destinations in approx 50 countries around the world. American Airlines operates the largest fleet in the world comprising 933 aircraft. 

This airline is famous for its huge international and domestic route network. And also its commitment to providing high-quality services. American Airlines has many travel classes like first class, business class, premium economy, economy, etc. The frequent flyer program of this air carrier is called Advantage. 

American Airlines has played a significant role in commercial aviation since 1930. And still continues to be a leader in the industry today.

Group and Meeting Travel

This air carrier offers group booking for 10 or more people at once. This service is ideal for groups like families, business teams, sports teams, etc. to travel together. You can get many benefits too including discounted fares, flexible payment, etc. 

To make a group booking with American Airlines, you can contact the airline’s group travel department directly via phone or email. Contact them at 800-221-2255 (US or Canada). This department will work with you to find the best fares and flight options for your group. They can also offer assistance with other travel arrangements like hotel accommodations and ground transportation. 

One of the main advantages of booking a group with American Airlines is the discounted fares. The airline offers special group rates that are typically lower than normal fares, making it an affordable option for large groups. The discount varies on the size of a group, destination, and time of the year, but it can be significant. 

American Airlines also offers flexible payment and ticketing options for group bookings. You can choose to pay in full at the time of reservation. Or can make a deposit and pay the remaining balance later. You can make changes to the booking like adding or removing people, changing flight times or dates up until the departure.

When booking a group with American Airlines, you can reserve seats together for your group. It will ensure that everyone can sit together on the flight. American Airlines also offers priority boarding. So, you all can board the plane before the other passengers and settle in your seats.

Benefits Of Group Booking

As many of your people travel together in one single, it can give huge benefits under American Airlines group travel. Some of the benefits are:

  • Personalized Service
    You will have a devoted group travel specialist who will work with you to find the best itinerary and fares for your group. You can also request additional services like special meals, wheelchair assistance, etc. For sure, everyone in your group will have a safe and relaxing flight. 

  • Priority Check-in
    American Airlines offers priority check-in for groups. You can avoid long lines at the airport and get through security faster. This American Check-in is also helpful in case you are traveling with children or elderly people. 

  • Group Travel Insurance
    American Airlines grants group travel insurance. You can get mental peace in case of unexpected events. For instance, flight cancellations or delays, lost luggage, or medical emergencies. You can add this insurance to your American Airlines group fare booking for an additional fee.

  • Group Travel Rewards
    If you are a member of the American Airlines AAdvantage program. Then you can earn rewards for group bookings. You will earn miles based on the cost of your group’s flights. Redeem them for your future travel or other rewards. 

  • On-board Amenities 
    There are many onboard facilities to make your group’s flight journey more enjoyable. In-flight entertainment, food and beverage services, Wifi access, etc. You can also request special snacks for your group like vegetarian or kosher options. 

  • Group Booking Policies
    American Airlines has several policies in place for group bookings. So, you can easily manage your group’s travel. The airline allows group organizers to make changes to the booking up to 30 days before the departure.
    It also gives a deadline for the final payment that is closer to the departure date than for individual bookings. There is a separate group travel website where you can manage your booking and make changes at any time.

  • Baggage Allowances
    It gives generous allowances on baggage for group booking. Everyone in your group can bring all the luggage they want without worrying about paying extra fees. The airline offers assistance too with oversized or special items like sports equipment or musical instruments. You can read about American Airlines Bag check Policy. 

  • Group Travel Destinations
    This air carrier allows group booking services for flights to both international and domestic destinations. So, just relax and book your group for a family vacation, a business conference, or a sports tournament. You can find the best deals on flights and fares for your group. 

Group Journeying From Different Places To One Destination

American Airlines has an outstanding scheme if your group is traveling from two or more origins. It guarantees fares from different regions to one common destination. 

The places from where these zone fares are valid and you can do American Airlines group reservation are:

The United States or Canada to North America, the Caribbean, Europe, Latin America, or the Pacific.

If you are planning to book a group from different zones, then you should definitely about the benefits. 

  • You can block the space for your group up to 11 months or 330 days before the departure. 

  • The tickets are flexible and the fares are refundable.

  • You will get pre-determined fares with transparent and simple prices. 

  • If you don’t know who all are traveling with you at the time of booking. Then you can add the names of travelers later too. 

  • You will surely get one free name change up to 48 hours before the departure. 

  • The seats will be assigned automatically at commitment.

How To Make An American Airlines Group Booking Online?

For booking your group on American Airlines, I’ve listed all the steps that you need to follow for reserving your group’s space.

  • Follow a simplified process by going to the official website of this airline “”

  • Sign in to your account and select group booking by clicking on the “Advanced option.”

  • You can search for the destination you are planning to go with your group. A list of places will appear on your screen.

  • Choose your desired place from the list and select the best flight for your group. 

  • Now, provide the complete details of your group members in the given fields. You can also add extra facilities as per the choices of your group.

  • Lastly, pay the requested amount and your group booking will be confirmed. 

Note: In case, you want to book your ticket via phone call in the US. Then, the American Airlines group travel phone number is 800-433-1790. 

American Airlines Group Booking Contract

There are some terms and conditions on American Airlines that you need to follow for group booking.

  • The seats you add and block on this carrier should be utilized while traveling.

  • The official agency or the contractor has to keep the agreement's financial terms confidential.

  • A written letter will be used for any kind of deposit penalties if they exceed the deposit collected.

  • If you want to cancel your group’s ticket. Then, you have to send a notice in writing at least 30 days before the departure.

  • The cancellation does not release the contractor of the penalty requirements or the applicable block-space utilization.

  • If you breach any of these terms, American Airlines can cancel your agreement immediately. And the offered fares will no longer be available to any member of the group.

  • As American Airlines can change or reschedule your flight. You can waive any claim regarding the schedule change or cancellation.

  • This contract is governed by the laws of the state of Texas. If you want to take any legal action on this agreement. You can file a case only in the state or federal courts in Fort Worth. 

  • You have to file any dispute within 60 days from the day of departure.

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