Jetblue Online Check in is Not Working - Troubleshooting Guide

Jetblue Online Check in is Not Working - Troubleshooting Guide

Jetblue Airlines has a track record of being the most efficient airline in the entire USA. Even after that, there are some chances that the airline does have some problems occurring due to some miscommunication or the passenger's low knowledge of the policies followed by the airline. This in turn raises the issue of Jetblue online check-in not working for passengers. 

So having the proper knowledge is very important before flying. Well, now that you don’t know them, let's come to the problem you have right now. Go through this blog post and learn all the problems and their root cause to solve them permanently.

Reasons For Which JetBlue Does Not Allow Online Check-in

The major problem you have right now is not being able to Jetblue check-in online, so first of all make sure to compare the probable situation with the problems listed here. If in any case, your condition matches the description you might not be able to check-in online and get to the counter immediately. However, if you have none of the listed conditions, you are facing some kind of technical issue so wait a while to get it resolved by the airline's IT team. If you still are facing problems, you can contact Jetblue Airlines customer support to get immediate help.

Here are the conditions under which you can not check-in online-

  • You are flying on a restricted route. Some routes are not eligible for online check-in, such as those that require special documentation or that are operated by a partner airline.
  • You have not yet paid for your flight. You must have paid for your flight in full to check in online.
  • You are flying on a Basic Economy ticket. Basic Economy tickets do not allow online check-in.
  • You are traveling with a pet. Pets must be checked in at the airport, so you will not be able to check in online.
  • You are traveling with a child under the age of 12. Children under the age of 12 must be checked in by an adult, so you will not be able to check in online if you are traveling alone with a child.
  • You have been flagged for fraud. If your booking has been flagged for fraud, you will not be able to check in online.
  • You are flying on a flight that is canceled or delayed. If your JetBlue flight is canceled or delayed, you will not be able to check in online.
  • Here are the conditions under which you can check in online but it is a technical issue so you can not check in at that moment-
  • The website or the app has been down due to an overload on the server. This rarely does happen, but has a high probability during peak travel hours.
  • There is an update rolled out for the app and you haven’t updated it yet. This will surely result in you facing Jetblue app check-in not working issues.
  • It is not yet time to check in and you are still trying to check in with the JetBlue app or website. You can only check in online 24 hours before your flight within the United States and 48 hours before your international flight.

Resolution To This Problem

After you have identified the problem, the next step is to find a perfect solution to it. Varying with the reason, the solution can be simple to very complex. So here we have provided you with the basic solutions that you can implement to resolve the problem. If you still face the problem of Jetblue check in not working you can get expert help by calling the toll-free number of JetBlue customer support. 

Technical Issues

Wait for some time and try again later as the issue may be temporary. Contact JetBlue customer support through their hotline or social media channels to report the problem and seek assistance. Visit the airport early and check in at the airport counter instead.

Flight Restrictions

Review the specific requirements or restrictions for your flight or destination on JetBlue's website or by contacting customer support. Ensure that you have all the necessary travel documents and comply with any additional requirements. Arrive at the airport in advance to allow time for the required check-in procedures.

Special Assistance or Special Services

Contact JetBlue customer support in advance and inform them about your specific needs or requests. Follow their instructions on how to proceed with the check-in process, which may involve checking in at the airport.

Group Bookings

Coordinate with the other members of your group to determine the check-in process JetBlue requires. If required, ensure that all group members are present at the airport to check in together.

Ticketing Issues

Contact JetBlue customer support to resolve any ticketing issues or concerns. Provide all necessary information and documentation requested by the airline. Visit the airport counter to address the ticketing issue and complete the check-in process.
Here are some additional tips for checking in online with JetBlue:
  • You should check-in as early as possible to avoid these unforeseen circumstances. You can check in online 24 hours before your flight. This will give you the most options for seats and upgrades.
  • Whenever you opt to check-in online make sure to carry all your documents so that you can do the process quickly and efficiently. Make sure you have your full name, confirmation number, and date of birth ready before you start checking in.
  • Make use of a personal computer or a tablet to do your check-in quickly. It is easier to check in online using a computer or tablet than a mobile phone.
  • Make sure to have a little bit of patience, as sometimes online check-in can be slow. If you are patient, you will eventually be able to check in.


The problem of Jetblue online check in not working is just a small thing as the perspective to see the problem can make it larger. There are various resolutions you can try and resolve the problem in no time. However, some special cases can be out of your power to handle, as the airlines themselves may be facing severe problems.

This also might not last long and if it does, try your check-in at the airport itself. This will work the best as you don’t have to look out for the online check-in to go live. Share this blog with someone who travels a lot and let them know the problems and solutions they can implement.