Can You Take a PickleBall Paddle On a Plane?

Can You Take a PickleBall Paddle On a Plane?

Yes, almost all the major airlines in the USA allow you to carry PickleBall Paddle in both carry-on and checked baggage. Most airlines do not classify it into the list of prohibited items for carry-on baggage. The Transportation Security Administration (TSA) does not have any strong reason to restrict pickleball paddles to be carried on the plane. 

But some airlines might have varied opinions on this so, let's check all of them out. 

Policies For Various Airlines

The policy for carrying pickleball paddle for various major airlines are mentioned here-

United Airlines

Carrying pickleball paddles on United Airlines is not at all restricted. The airline mentions in its policy that you can follow the guidelines to carry them with you on board. The airport’s and airline’s security demands some additional processing and screening of the item that should be done during the security check. If you wish to learn more information about how to carry and pack the pickleball paddles for your trip, you will get to learn that in the end.

American Airlines

The flag carrier of America, American Airlines does allow you to carry a pickleball paddle on board. You don’t need to complete any additional formality to carry the item with you. However, due to TSA’s guidelines and security reasons, they must go through an additional screening process. The packaging and the case for the item must be easily accessible to the officials.

Southwest Airlines

Southwest Airlines is very lenient in the matter of carrying items on the plane, you can carry many items that other airlines do not allow you. So Southwest Airlines marks it sure that you carry them as directed, so as to avoid any problems on-board. Make sure to submit them to the TSA officials so that an additional screening for the item can be done.

Delta Airlines

You are absolutely free to carry pickleball paddles in carry-on and checked bags. Just make sure to remove the strings so that there is no problem during the security screening process. Delta Airline’s policy for pickleball paddles is very lenient and you just need to follow the packing guidelines to carry it on board.

How to Pack and Carry Pickleball Paddles?

Here is how you are expected to take a pickleball paddle on a plane:
Pack the paddle in a hard-sided case or a protective bag.
  • Make sure to remove the strings from the paddle before packing it.
  • Declare the paddle to the TSA officer at the security checkpoint.
  • Be ready for the paddle to be inspected separately.

If you have any questions about taking a pickleball paddle on a plane, you can contact the TSA directly.

We have mentioned some additional tips for taking a pickleball paddle on any Airlines on-board:
  • Make sure your paddle fits within the carry-on luggage size restrictions.
  • If you are checking your paddle, make sure it is properly packed and labeled.
  • Be prepared to show your paddle to the flight attendant before boarding the plane.
  • With a little planning, you can easily take your pickleball paddle with you on your next Southwest Airlines flight.

Here is all the information about the airline’s policy on pickleball paddles:

  • Pickleball paddles are allowed in both carry-on and checked bags.
  • Pickleball paddles must be declared to the TSA officer at the security checkpoint.
  • Pickleball paddles may be subject to additional screening.
  • Pickleball paddles must be properly packed and labeled if they are checked.
  • Pickleball paddles must be shown to the flight attendant before boarding the plane.


So basically, whichever airline you fly with almost every one of them allows you to carry pickleball paddles. So you don’t need to check for them separately in different luggage. Just follow the guidelines for packing them properly in your carry-on or checked baggage.

This blog has the answer to your question- Can you take a pickleball paddle on a plane? If you are still confused, just check out the guidelines on the TSA government website.

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