Allegiant Airlines Group Booking - Group Travel Made Easy

Allegiant Airlines Group Booking - Group Travel Made Easy

Planning a group trip then book your flight with Allegiant Air. This airline offers many benefits to its passengers from the flexible name change policy to additional baggage facility. From priority check-in to discounted fare. 

If these points succeed to attract your attention and if you are curious to learn more, then, scroll down the page. In this blog, you will get all the details about the Allegiant Air Group Booking, without wasting a single second. 

What Are the Allegiant Group Booking Policies?

Allegiant Air offers group booking discounts for groups of 9 or more passengers.  To qualify for a group booking discount, you must book all of your tickets at the same time and all of the passengers must be traveling on the same itinerary. You can book a group flight online or by calling Allegiant's customer service line.

The group booking discount is applied to the base fare of the ticket. Taxes and fees are not included in the discount. However, the discount is not available on all flights or on all dates. If you are interested in finding out the eligibility criteria for a group booking discount, you can check the official website of Allegiant Air or you can also call the customer service department.

What Benefits Will I Get From Allegiant Air Group Reservation?

Some of the major benefits that you will get are listed below:

  • Group Booking Discounts: Allegiant Air offers discounts on the base fare of tickets for groups of 10 or more passengers.

  • Early Boarding: Groups are allowed to board early, which can give you more time to get settled into your seats and find overhead bin space for your luggage.

  • Group Seating: Groups can request to sit together on the plane. This can be helpful for families or groups of friends who want to travel together.

  • Special Assistance: Allegiant Air can provide special assistance to groups with disabilities or other needs. This may include assistance with boarding and disembarking the plane or providing wheelchairs or other assistive devices.

How Can I Apply for Allegiant Air Group Booking?

There are 4 ways to book a group flight ticket. The details are given below:

Online Booking for Allegiant Group Trip 

The steps to book tickets online are:

  • Go to the Allegiant Air Group website.

  • Click on the "Flights" tab.

  • Enter your departure and arrival cities, as well as your travel dates.

  • Click on the "Search" button.

  • Review the results and select the flight that you want to book.

  • Fill in your personal information in the given box which includes your name, phone number or email id, date of birth (DOB), and passport number (if flying internationally).

  • Select your seat and any other add-ons that you want.

  • Pay for your flight.

  • Repeat the procedure for all the other passengers. 

  • Receive your confirmation mail and ticket details.

Note: You can also choose to book a package that includes airfare, hotel, and rental car.

Book a Ticket Via Mobile 

Follow the below-given points to book flight tickets via mobile; 
  • Call Allegiant Air group travel phone number at (702) 505-8888.

  • Provide the group size (total number of passengers) and all the information about the travelers to the customer service representative.

  • Add some special requirements. For example, if you have additional luggage then you can check Allegiant Air baggage policy, to know more details about the fee structure and other rules and restrictions. 

  • Cross-check the details and make the payments. 

  • Receive the ticket details in your registered mail Id. 

Book a Ticket at the Airport for Allegiant Air Group Travel 

If you want the old-school method, then you can go for the airport booking method. To book a ticket at the airport, you are required to follow the below-given measures:

  • Visit the nearby airport. 

  • Search for the ticket counter.

  • There you will find a live agent who will assist you with the further proceedings. 

  • To book a flight, you have to provide all the requested information about the passengers to the agent. 

  • Confirm and review the details such as details, and spelling on the ticket to avoid any problems during flight boarding. 

  • After that, pay the Allegiant Air Group Fare, and get the ticket details. 

Book Via a Third-Party Agency 

Book your flight ticket through a third-party agency. One of the best agencies is “Farecopy”. To book a flight ticket, follow the below-given steps:

  • Call on the official number of the agency. 

  • Provide all the details, including your name, contact information, and passport number.

  • Then, confirm the details and make the payment. 

  • Repeat this procedure for other passengers. 

  • And receive the details of the tickets in your email. 

Can My Group Do Online Check-in?

Yes, your group can do online check-in for Allegiant Air flights. Online check-in opens 24 hours before your flight and closes 45 minutes before your flight. To check-in online, you will need to have your confirmation number and the last name of all passengers in your group. You can check in online at the Allegiant Air website or by using the Allegiant Air mobile app.

When you check in online, you will be able to select your seats, print your boarding passes, and add any special requests, such as a wheelchair or oxygen. You will also be able to see your flight status and gate information.

Here are the steps to complete the check-in online:

  • Go to the official website of Allegiant Air. 
  • Then, enter your confirmation number and the last name of all the passengers in your group. 
  • Once you enter the details, click on the option “Check-in”.
  • Then, select the seats as per your preference. 
  • After that, you can print your boarding passes (Everyone will be assigned a separate boarding pass).
  • Add special requests or requirements, if any. 
  • Review your reservation and click on "Submit".
  • Here are the steps to check in online for an Allegiant Air flight using the Allegiant Air mobile app:
  • Download and open the Allegiant Air mobile app on your mobile.
  • Then, sign in to your account.
  • After that, enter your confirmation number and the full/last name of all passengers in your group.
  • Then, click on "Check In".
  • Select your seats as you please.
  • After that, print your boarding passes.
  • Add any special requests.
  • Re-check your reservation details and click on the option "Submit".

Tips for Booking a Flight with Allegiant Air Group?

Some of the general tips to help you book tickets seamlessly:

  • Book a flight on allegiant airlines in advance, especially if you are traveling during peak times.

  • Be flexible with your travel dates. You may be able to find a lower fare if you are willing to travel on a different day or time.

  • Consider booking a package that includes airfare, hotel, and rental car. This can save you money on your overall trip.

  • Sign up for Allegiant Air Group's email list to receive special offers and discounts.

Final Thought

If you are going to fly with more than 9 people, then you will definitely get a handsome discount on your tickets. However, if you want to save some extra money, then avoid your travel in peak time and book all the itineraries at the same time. 

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