How Far is Cuba From Florida By Air?

How Far is Cuba From Florida By Air?

Every visitor planning a trip will wonder about the distance from the initial point to the final destination. Similarly, visitors from Florida who are up with their plans to fly to Cuba may wonder about the total destination between these two landing points. So if you have been wondering How far is Cuba from Florida, then this article belongs to you!

How far is Cuba from Florida? Everything you must know

While talking about the total distance, the distance between Cuba from Florida is approximately 411.28 mi. Cuba is based somewhere about 90 miles south of Florida. The arrival destination, Florida, is in the southeastern US. The state has gained much popularity about the beaches it has because of the Atlantic Ocean on one side and the Gulf of Mexico on the other. 

Where is Cuba?

Now let’s talk something about Cuba, which is the southern side of the state of Florida. One of the largest Caribbean islands and an archipelago. Making it more concise, we can say a huge collection of beautiful islands, Cuba has been the most preferred destination for visitors.

While describing the proper location of the country, it has its presence at the point where the Atlantic Ocean, the Gulf of Mexico, and the Caribbean Sea meet. You can visit all the islands because there are approximately 1600 islands that can take more than a month to visit.

Interestingly, Cuba comes under one of the largest islands in the Caribbean Sea and its neighbors from the Greater Antilles. The long and narrow island stretches 750 miles from east to west. However, it is only 60 miles wide in most places. 

Where is Florida?

A peninsula, Florida, has water in its surroundings. The northernmost edge is connected to Alabama in the northwest, and the northeast is connected to Georgia. Apart from this, the northern part of the state is hilly. Conversely, you will also find caves and skin holes in the northwestern Mariaana lowlands. 

The coastal plains of Florida are home to many beautiful features, such as sandy beaches, islands, and coral reefs. In the southern part of the state, visitors can explore the renowned Everglades National Park, which spans over 1.5 million acres of wildlife-filled marshland that can be traversed by canoe. In the southernmost region lies the Florida Keys, a cluster of approximately 1,700 small islands called an archipelago.

Distance between Cuba and Florida 

Even though Cuba and Florida are closely associated, they are still far apart. The total distance of Cuba from Florida is about 485 miles. Several options are available for visitors to cover the distance and explore Cuba.

Flying to Cuba from Florida

Several airlines operate both direct and non-stop flights to Cuba from Florida. However, the shortest time taken by non-stop flight is 1 hour and 3 minutes approximately for reaching Cuba from Florida.

Things to do in Cuba

If you are flying to Cuba, you might have shortlisted a few places to visit and things to do in Cuba. Let us make that list more clear. 

  • Hemingway Museum: Located about 10 miles outside of Havana, Hemingway Museum is a sprawling estate on a hill with a cozy swimming pool. A perfect place for visitors to chill out and relax their minds.

  • Drink a mojito: A chill and fresh drink will add stars to your trip. This is one of the significant things you must add to your eating/drinking bucket list in Cuba.

  • Stroll Trinidad's streets: Trinidad's streets hold unique, vibrant, shiny architectural buildings.  

  • Hit a live cabaret show: Step back to the 1950s nightclub variety shows with extravagant carnival costumes, flamboyant singers, and big dance productions.

  • Tour Havana in a classic car: Step out of the trend of riding your old and usual vehicle. This time get your hands on the classic car of Havana and enjoy the ride. 

Can you see Cuba from Florida?

Even though Cuba is opposite Florida across the Strait of Florida, you still can’t see it from the Sunshine State. To see Cuba, you must be over 5000ft or approximately 1524m high to see that far. So, all and all, it’s undeniable that you can't visit Cuba from Florida. You have to travel to Cuba if you want to see it.

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