How to Choose the Best Westjet Seat? - Finding Your Spot

How to Choose the Best Westjet Seat? - Finding Your Spot

WestJet Airlines offers a variety of seating options that you can choose according to your taste and budget. The overall experience of your flight highly depends on your selection of seats. So, How to choose the best Westjet seat? Well, this is not a simple-to-answer question, however, we will try to answer this here in as simple words as possible.

Opting for the best WestJet seat offers several advantages. It can provide extra legroom, convenient access to amenities, reduced noise, and a better view. Additionally, choosing the right seat can accommodate specific needs, such as traveling with infants, passengers with disabilities, or those seeking a quiet and relaxed journey. By considering various factors and making informed WestJet seat selection, you can maximize your comfort and satisfaction during your WestJet flight.

Understanding WestJet Seat Options

WestJet offers a range of seating options to cater to various passenger needs and budgets. These options typically include-

  • Economy class seats- The standard seating option available on WestJet flights, offers a comfortable and cost-effective choice for most travelers.

  • Premium economy class seats- An upgraded option that provides enhanced comfort and additional amenities, such as increased legroom and priority services.

  • Business class seats- The most luxurious option, offering premium features like lie-flat beds, gourmet meals, and personalized service.

Explanation of the features and amenities offered

Each seating class on WestJet provides specific features and amenities to enhance the passenger experience-

  • Economy class seats- While economy class provides the basic Westjet seating option, WestJet strives to ensure comfort and convenience. Features may include adjustable headrests, seatback entertainment screens, USB charging ports, and access to onboard Wi-Fi (where available).

  • Premium economy class seats- This upgraded class offers extra legroom, wider seats, and increased seat recline. Passengers also enjoy priority Westjet boarding, complimentary food and beverages, and enhanced in-flight entertainment options.

  • Business class seats- The pinnacle of luxury, business class provides spacious seats that can convert into fully flat beds. Passengers are pampered with premium amenities, such as gourmet meals, exclusive lounges, increased privacy, and a dedicated cabin crew.

Comparison of seats across different classes

To assist in seat selection, it's crucial to consider the dimensions, legroom, and seat pitch available in each class-

  • Economy class- Typically, economy seats have a seat pitch (distance between seats) of around 30 to 32 inches, with seat width averaging 17 to 18 inches.

  • Premium economy class- Premium economy seats often feature a larger seat pitch, ranging from 34 to 38 inches, providing more legroom. Seat width may also be slightly wider, between 18 to 20 inches.

  • Business class- Business class seats are designed for maximum comfort, offering generous seat pitches of 45 inches or more and wider seat widths, often exceeding 20 inches.

Seat Selection and Their Fees

Mostly for every fare type you will have to pay some additional fee for any kind of upgrade. There are many different fare options you can opt to upgrade to that are mentioned in the table below-

Upgrade To
Premium/Business fare
EconoFlex fare
Econo fare
Basic fare
Standard seat
-You already get this
Upgrade at discounted basic fare
Upgrade for an additional fee
Preferred seat
-Discount to Econo/Basic fares
Upgrade at discounted basic fare
Upgrade for additional fee
Exit row seat
-Discount to Econo/Basic fares
Upgrade at discounted basic fare
Upgrade for additional fee
Premium/Business seat
You already get this
So in this table, you see that the for-

  • Standard Seat- In EconoFlex fare, it is already assigned to you and you don't need to upgrade it. While for Econo fare, you can choose your preferred seat during online check-in for a fee. While for the basic fare option, you will be charged additional fees for choosing the standard choice of seat.

  • Preferred seat- Upgrading to preferred Westjet seats can give you more legroom and comfortable seats. This seat type can be upgraded using some fees out of pocket. While for Econo fare, this seat can be upgraded at a discounted price from the basic fare option. Even for EconoFlex fare you can get an upgrade for a more discounted price compared to Econo/Basic fares.

  • Exit row seat- Get your seats upgraded to be seated near the exit row to get more overhead-bin space and quicker entry/exit from the plane. The upgrade to this seat for basic fare costs a bit higher than the preferred seats. While for Econo fare, the upgrade cost is a discounted price of the basic fare fees. And if you are in the EconoFlex fare type, the cost would drop significantly.

  • Premium/Business seat- Premium or Business class seats are only available for Premium/Business fare passengers. No other fare types can get access to this cabin no matter what they are ready to pay.

Factors to Consider When Choosing a WestJet Seat

The seats of WestJet Airlines have been divided into various sections and it totally depends on the budget of the flyer, and what they choose. The whole point of your travel with any airline comes down to your choice of Westjet select seats. So here are some of the important factors that affect your selection of seats-

Seat location

  • Proximity to restrooms and galley- Depending on personal preference, choose seats closer to or farther away from restrooms and galleys. Consider potential noise and traffic when making your selection.

  • Window or aisle preference- Determine whether you prefer the view and privacy of a window seat or the convenience of an aisle seat for easy access to the restroom or stretching your legs.

  • Exit row seating considerations- Exit row seats provide extra legroom, but they also come with additional responsibilities. Consider your ability and willingness to assist in an emergency before selecting these seats.

Seat comfort:

  • Cushioning and recline options- Look for seats with comfortable cushioning and adjustable recline features to tailor your sitting position.

  • Adjustable headrests and footrests- Seats with adjustable headrests and footrests can enhance comfort during long flights, allowing you to find a position that supports your neck and legs.

  • Seat width and armrest availability- Consider seat width and armrest availability, especially if you prefer extra personal space or need additional support.

In-flight entertainment and power options

  • Seat-back screens and audio systems- Check whether the seat has a personal seat-back screen for in-flight entertainment, along with access to movies, TV shows, music, and games. Ensure the screen size and functionality meet your preferences.

  • USB and power outlets- If you plan to use electronic devices during the flight, choose seats that provide USB ports or power outlets for convenient charging.

Special seating considerations

  • Traveling with infants or small children- Families with infants or small children may prefer seats near bulkheads, which often provide additional space for a bassinet or a baby carrier.

  • Accessibility options for passengers with disabilities- WestJet offers various accommodations for passengers with disabilities. Choose seats that provide easier accessibility, such as those near the front of the aircraft or equipped with adjustable armrests.

Seat Selection Tips and Strategies

Not every passenger flying with WestJet has the same availability and preferences for seat selection. There are various ways to get better seats than your co-passengers in the same cabin. This includes spending some extra bucks also without springing anything at all!

However, you must have the knowledge about how to do this as only a few are able to grab better seats without spending any bucks. Here are some of the ways in which you can grab the best seats in your respective class of travel-

  • Advanced Seat Selection- Advanced seat selection allows you to secure your preferred seat, especially for popular choices like extra legroom seats or specific locations within the cabin.

  • Early check-in and seat Selection- Check-in as early as possible to increase your chances of accessing a wider range of available seats.

  • Ideal seats for those seeking quietness- Consider seats away from high-traffic areas, such as restrooms, galleys, or areas near the engines, to minimize noise disturbance.

  • Seats with extra legroom- If legroom is a priority, select seats in emergency exit rows or bulkhead rows, which typically offer more space for stretching your legs.

  • Preferred seats for passengers with specific needs- If you have specific requirements, such as easy access to restrooms or extra assistance, choose seats accordingly.

  • Strategies for maximizing seat availability- Be flexible with your seat preferences during online check-in, as it allows you to see the most up-to-date availability and may present better options.

  • Tips for avoiding undesirable seats- Familiarize yourself with the aircraft's seating configuration and potential drawbacks of certain seats, such as limited reclining or proximity to noisy areas, to make more informed decisions during online check-in.

The best part of Westjet seat upgradation is that you can use the Westjet rewards to redeem and pay for the upgrade fee directly. These rewards are accumulated in your frequent flyers program account and can be used anytime you wish.


The point of Westjet seat selection being the best is to ensure you have a comfortable and relaxing journey. You won’t like to end up with knee pain or being stuck for long between lines of passengers. Just to avoid that most of the passengers upgrade their seats or if lucky choose the best seat according to their preference.

If this blog adds any value to your query, do share it with your family and friends traveling through WestJet and let them know how to choose the best seat and other WestJet Airlines Policies.

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