How to Redeem WestJet Rewards? - Redeem with Confidence

How to Redeem WestJet Rewards? - Redeem with Confidence

Do you have enough WestJet reward points and wonder how to redeem those rewards? If yes, then no need to look any further. This blog will give you a detailed elaboration about the ways to redeem Westjet Rewards. 

How to Redeem Westjet Dollars?

You can redeem the reward for two options: WestJet flights and WestJet vacation packages. The procedures are given below; 

Redeem Procedure for WestJet Flights:

  • Lare redeeming for a flight, enter your travel details, such as departure and arrival cities, dates, and the number of passengers. The available flight options will be displayed based on your preferences.

  • Select the desired flight or reward option from the available choices. Pay attention to any additional fees or taxes that may apply.

  • Confirm you into your WestJet Rewards account on the WestJet website. If you do not have an account, you will need to sign up for one.

  • After logging into your account click on the "Redeem" option. This is where you can view and manage your rewards.

  • Choose the type of reward you want to redeem. WestJet Rewards offers various redemption options, including flights, vacation packages, seat upgrades, lounge access, and more.

  • If you our redemption selection and follow the prompts to complete the redemption process. You may be required to enter the passenger information and provide payment for any applicable fees or taxes.

  • After the completion of the redemption, you will receive a confirmation mail on your registered email with all the relevant details. Make sure to review the information to ensure accuracy.

Redeem Procedure for WestJet Vacation Package 

  • If you're redeeming WestJet Rewards for a vacation package, select the "Vacations" option in the redemption section. Enter your desired destination, travel dates, and the number of travelers. You will be presented with available vacation package options based on your criteria.

  • Choose the vacation package that suits your preferences, including accommodations, flights, and any additional features or add-ons.

  • Review the details of your selected vacation package and proceed to the payment step. You may need to provide payment for any applicable fees, taxes, or the remaining balance if your WestJet Rewards points don't cover the entire cost.

  • Follow the prompts to complete the redemption process for the vacation package.  After completion of the procedure, you will receive an email of confirmation. In that mail, you will get all the necessary information regarding your Westjet flight booking.

  • If you wish to redeem your WestJet Rewards for other options such as seat upgrades, lounge access, or other ancillary services, select the relevant option from the redemption section. Then follow the instructions provided to complete the redemption process.

Final Thought

If you wish to learn the latest information on redeeming your WestJet rewards, either visit the official website or contact the customer care of WestJet Airlines. The Customer service agent will provide you with all the specific details, and eligibility criteria. Apart from that, if you are not familiar with the online method then they will also assist you with the proceedings. 

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