How Far is Alaska from Russia By Plane? Discover the Distance

How Far is Alaska from Russia By Plane? Discover the Distance

Have booked your flight and also want to know how far is Alaska from Russia. Then you will get its information here.

The two countries have no physical border but are divided by the Bering Strait. Therefore, being in the water borders, the countries can be easily seen with the naked eye from both ends. However, there are many countries that have awkward borders that you can cross directly on foot. However, the border between Russia and Alaska cannot be crossed on foot. For this, you will need a boat with a passport and visa!

How Far Is Alaska From Russia?

Where is Russia?

Russia is an immense and multifaceted nation, spanning across a staggering 11 time zones and covering over 17 million square kilometers of terrain. Whether you are drawn to the fast-paced metropolitan life of Moscow or the tranquil beauty of Siberia's shimmering lakes, Russia boasts a plethora of experiences to cater to all kinds of travelers. 

Russia is a land that always amazes and fascinates its visitors, via its rich history, culture, jaw-dropping vista, and world-renowned cuisine. Whether you find yourself wandering the iconic Red Square or delving into the wilderness of Kamchatka, Russia has the power to leave an everlasting impression on your heart and mind. It's a land of limitless opportunities and boundless potential, simply waiting to be explored.

Where is Alaska?

Alaska is a land filled with wild beauty, wonders of nature, and adventure, and is situated in the extreme north of the United States. The land incorporates towering mountains, vast glaciers, and abundant wildlife, which makes Alaska a unique place for visitors to challenge their extreme desires. 

Whether you're exploring the charming towns of Juneau or Anchorage or venturing into the remote wilderness of Denali National Park, Alaska promises an unforgettable experience. It's a place where nature reigns supreme and visitors make their way only by respecting nature along with keeping the spirit of adventure alive and well.

Distance Between Russia and Alaska

Russia and Alaska are close enough to be seen on a map of the Earth, yet they are too far apart to be related. Mainland Russia and mainland Alaska are about 55 miles (88.5 km) apart, compared to the pair of Russia-owned Small Diomede and Alaska-owned Small Diomede, which are just 3 miles (4.8 km) apart. So let's get into more detail and find out how Russia and Alaska are so close to each other and so far away.

Flying To Alaska From Russia

The shortest flight from Russia to Alaska is about 5.27 hours long covering a distance of 2949 miles and the flight should fly at a speed of 560 miles per hour. If you wish to fly from Vladivostok in Russia to Provideniya or Vancouver in Canada, you will have to book a charter plane. 

Important: The Bering Strait Crossing

The Bering Strait Crossing is a concept that has fascinated engineers and adventurers alike for decades. An idea has been proposed as a way to connect the two continents and stimulate economic growth, to construct a bridge or tunnel spanning the 50-mile gap between Alaska and Russia. However, the challenges of constructing such a monumental feat of engineering are immense, with extreme weather conditions, difficult terrain, and political considerations all posing significant obstacles. 

There is no direct land connection between the two great nations in today's time. However, during the Ice Age (around 10,000 years back) the water levels dropped down revealing a direct connection between them. The Bering Strait Crossing remains a compelling prospect, one that could change the course of history if made a reality.


We think you must have got the answer How far is Alaska from Russia?

The distances you see and those measured on maps are far beyond imagination. You can see mainland Russia from the Large Dolemite Islands and the edge of Alaska from the Small Dolemite Islands.

However, this can only happen on a bright day with clear visibility. But you cannot go through this route as both countries need to complete customs and immigration procedures. So the only option left with you is to take a flight or go to the nearest port city.

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