Alaska Airlines Group Booking- Enjoy Discounts and Benefits

Alaska Airlines Group Booking- Enjoy Discounts and Benefits

Alaska Airlines is one of the primary air carriers in the US. Its headquarters are in SeaTac, Washington. If you are planning a trip with your circle of friends, Alaska Airlines group booking is a marvelous process. Let’s get to know each and every detail of it.

But first, let me tell you a bit more about this extraordinary air carrier. Alaska Airlines flies to more than 115 destinations across North America and dates back to 1932. It is famous for its friendly and personalized services. The airline also commits to safety, sustainability, and innovation. 

Alaska Airlines is a member of OneWorld Alliance. This means you can access a global network of airlines and enjoy many benefits on your travel. You can experience a relaxing and enjoyable journey while traveling with this air carrier for sure.

Group Travel With Alaska Airlines

Alaska Airlines offers group booking to different destinations. You can travel with your squad without worrying about anything. The airline has three options for group travel depending on your requirements. The options are:
  • Travel Separately

  • Travel Together

  • Charter a Flight

Travel Separately

If you have a group of 20 or more members and are planning a trip from different places to the same destination. Then you can easily book the tickets with them under Alaska Airlines group travel. This option is best for meetings and events. 

While booking your group, you are bound to get a discount on the lowest fares available. Just contact the airline’s group travel desk and get a discount code. Your group members can use this code to purchase their own tickets. 

Know about some perks of separate travel on Alaska Airlines.

  • With the unique discount code for your group, you can book the flight online or from a travel agent. 

  • Depending on your personal convenience, you get the flexibility to choose the timings of flights.

  • Alaska Airlines provides an extended travel window. Your group can travel up to three days before or three days after the event. 

  • The number of tickets you buy will decide the amount of tour conductor credits you are going to get. 

Terms And Conditions For Separate Travel

While there are many benefits of this option, still there are some terms that you need to follow.

  • Discounts are available only on the published fares at the time of booking.

  • The blackout dates apply on separate travels. It means that travel rewards or special discounts may not be available.

  • The minimum number of passengers has to be 20. Your group can travel one way or have a round-trip from different places to one destination.

  • Place your group booking approx 11 months before the departure date. And make sure to complete the entire itinerary within this period of time. 

  • Your group can make changes to the itinerary, but it will be subject to a possible difference in fare.

  • If you want to get a discount on the fare, then book the tickets immediately on the shown fare.

Travel Together

Traveling with your group of 10 or more on the same date and flight? Have loads of fun on your journey and get discounted rates on your Alaska Airlines group reservation.

The benefits of traveling together are:

  • There are no deposits required under this option.

  • Via special fare agreement, you are guaranteed to get a set base fare.

  • Up to three days before the departure, you can make unlimited name changes for free.

  • If you want to make a name change within three days of departure. You can do this too by paying a fee. If you want to know more about the process of name change, then you have to read about the Alaska Airlines name change policy.

  • Alaska Airlines does not charge any ticketing fees for the travel together option.

  • You can get seat assignments in advance for sure.

  • Surely, earn tour conductor credits on the number of tickets purchased. 

  • There is no minimum stay requirement for travel together. 

Travel Together Terms and Conditions

A few of the conditions of the option to travel together are:
  • The number of people traveling should be 10 or more.

  • The base fare does not include any taxes, security charges, etc. 

  • You will get the base fare amount at the time of ticketing. But, only if there are no changes made in the itinerary and all group rules are followed. 

  • Alternate group members can travel in the place of people who cannot travel.

  • Ticketing should be done 60 days before the departure if you are traveling within the lower 48 states, Alaska, or Canada. 
  • Hawaii, Central America, and Mexico to and from travel tickets should be booked 90 days prior to departure.

  • You can’t get any refunds after ticketing. But you can use the value of that ticket for future travel within 1 year of outbound travel.

Charter A Flight

This is the best option given by Alaska Airlines if you are traveling with a very large group.  Book flights on a private aircraft with the help of the Alaska Airlines Charter Program. 

Privileges of charter flights:

  • You are going to get an entire aircraft for yourself and your group.

  • Travel according to your own schedule.

  • Choose the origin, destination, and schedule within the US, Mexico, and Canada, and do customizations to your itinerary.
  • You can fly out either from a private airport or from a commercial one.

  • Lock the all-inclusive prices on the basis of your itinerary, fuel, and pre-chosen menus.

  • Make choices from the multiple options of catering. Add extra beverages or alcoholic packages for an extra fee.
  • Get charter coordinators for your flights with this option.

  • Special services agents will be assigned on your trip for chartering flights and working on manifests.

Additional perks:

  • Charge your devices at any time as each seat is equipped with a power supply. 

  • You can watch 800+ movies and TV episodes on your personal devices too by streaming.

  • Stay connected with in-flight Wifi and shop online, read your emails, or make postings on your social media.

Alaska Airlines Group Travel Booking

You can reserve your group’s seats on Alaska Airlines flights online as well as by making a phone call to the Alaska Airlines Group Travel desk. 

Online Group Booking

You have to proceed with a few simple steps for booking your group’s travel online. The steps are:

  • Go to the official website of this air carrier at “” 

  • Tap on the Book tab and enter the details in the given fields.

  • After entering the details, you have to click on the option of Find Flights. An available list of flights will appear on your screen.

  • Select the flight that suits you and your group the best. You can add options like extra luggage for a fee and enjoy the benefits of Alaska baggage policy. 

  • Lastly, proceed to check out, make your payment and your booking is done.

Booking Via Phone Call

If you don’t have time to make an online booking of your group. Then, you can always connect with the Alaska Airlines Group Travel desk anytime.

The representatives are available Monday to Friday on Pacific Time from 6 am to 6 pm. And on Saturdays, they are available from 7:30 am to 6 pm.

The Alaska Airlines group travel phone number is 1-800-445-4435. 

Tour Conductor Credits

Are you the one who is booking all the tickets for your group’s travel? Then earn and enjoy tour conductor credits on the number of tickets you buy.

  • For traveling separately: If you make 40 bookings under your group code, you can easily earn credits that are enough for a round-trip flight.

  • For traveling together: Make 30 bookings on your group reservation and earn one round-trip flight on Alaska Airlines.

Group Travel For Weddings

Planning your dream destination wedding? Alaska Airlines makes sure that you do not get stressed, especially during this special time. 

As you will want all your family and friends to be present at your wedding location. The agents of this air carrier will guide you in figuring out the best group travel options. You will get special discounts and fares on your flights. 

Alaska Airlines is your best choice to unite you and your family at your desired wedding destination.

Alaska Airlines Travel Tips for Groups

Alaska Airlines Booking tickets for a group can be a hideous task. It requires lots of patience and planning. But don’t worry as you can follow these tips and find the best deals on fares. You will surely have a hassle-free trip with your group.

  • The weekdays when you can find the best group travel discounts are Tuesdays, Wednesdays, and Saturdays.

  • Once you are sure that you are going to travel with your group. Then, make ticket reservations as soon as possible. 

  • Add flexibility to your plan and consider multiple destinations and multiple dates. You can also choose alternative airports from the primary ones.

  • Make sure that you know your group size properly. Don’t request more seats as it can create a problem for both you and Alaska Airlines.

  • Choose a popular destination for your group travel. You will find better availability of flights as these places have several flights per day. 

  • If you are looking for discounts on your Alaska Airlines group fare booking. Then, avoid popular holidays and travel dates.
  • The destination you have planned to go to with your group definitely has an off-season. And it is a fact that fares are quite low during the off-season and shoulder season. So, beware of these seasons and get better deals on your group journey.