Can You Bring a Baseball Bat On a Plane?

Can You Bring a Baseball Bat On a Plane?

While traveling through the flight, every passenger thinks of the stuff they can pack and take. The list can include several things like clothes, toiletries, a laptop for passing the time, food items, and many other things. However, if you are a player, you may wonder how you could take your pieces like baseball. You may even wonder if it’s allowed by the airline or not. So to get answers to all your questions, we must discuss the basic details and the rules that may apply to bringing a  baseball bat on a plane.

According to the guidelines released by TSA, Baseball bats can be bought on the plane but as a checked bag. Passengers are not allowed to carry their baseball bats as a piece of carry-on luggage inside the cabin. 

Moving forward, let’s discuss what are the rules and regulations of some of the renowned airlines when it comes to taking a baseball bat on a plane.

Delta Airlines

Passengers who have booked with Delta Airlines must know they can bring a baseball bat on a plane, but only in the form of checked baggage. Delta Airlines won’t permit the flyers to bring the baseball bat as carry-on luggage.

Things to remember 

  • Passengers must ensure to pack the baseball bat in a proper baseball bat bag or any hard-sided case.
  • Passengers can’t opt for Delta online check in if they are carrying a baseball bat. They have to declare the baseball bat at the check-in counter of Delta Airlines.
  • Ensure that your baseball bat doesn’t have any sharp edges or damage.

Southwest Airlines

Southwest Airlines is the most popular and renowned airline for a low-cost carrier. However, Southwest Airlines does not permit the transportation of baseball bats on their planes, even as checked luggage.

Southwest Airlines maintains a strict policy that prohibits the carriage of sporting equipment that could be used as a weapon, including baseball bats, golf clubs, and hockey sticks. These items are considered a security risk and not allowed on Southwest Airlines flights.

If you need to travel with a baseball bat, it is necessary to explore alternative options such as shipping the bat separately or finding alternative transportation methods. For specific guidelines and procedures regarding shipping sports equipment, it is advisable to visit the Southwest Airlines website or contact their customer service directly.

United Airlines

Following the TSA guidelines, United Airlines also permits passengers to carry their baseball bats as checked bags. Passengers can keep the basketball bat in the plane's cargo hold.

Things to Remember 

  • Declaration of the baseball bat is mandatory during the check-in process.
  • Proper packaging of the baseball bat is required, either in a hard-sided case or a dedicated baseball bat bag.
  • The baseball bat will be inspected to ensure no sharp edges or damages.
  • The baseball bat must be stored in the cargo hold of the aircraft.
  • It is important to adhere to checked luggage's weight and size restrictions when transporting the baseball bat.
  • Under no circumstances should the baseball bat be used as a weapon.

Here are some key points to remember when carrying a baseball bat on a plane:

Proper packaging: It is essential to pack the baseball bat in a suitable case or bag to protect it during transportation. Consider using a hard-sided case or a dedicated baseball bat bag that offers adequate protection against potential damage.

Security screening: Be prepared for the baseball bat to undergo additional screening by TSA officers at security checkpoints. This screening ensures compliance with regulations and checks for any prohibited items or safety concerns.

Size and weight restrictions: Ensure that the baseball bat meets the size and weight restrictions imposed by the airline for both carry-on and checked baggage. Failure to comply with these restrictions may result in additional fees or the need for alternative arrangements.

Connect with the staff of the airline: In case you have any doubts or confusion regarding the transportation of the basketball bat, then it is advisable to connect with the airline staff at the check-in counter gate. The customer care executive can help you out if you are facing any problems.

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