The Ultimate Guide to Business Class on Delta Airlines

The Ultimate Guide to Business Class on Delta Airlines

Delta Airlines is a legacy carrier and a major airline in the US. It has its base in Atlanta. Founded in 1924 as a crop dusting operation, Delta has grown into a global airline with a vast network of destinations and a reputation for exceptional customer service. In this extensive blog, you’ll get each and every piece of info about the business class on Delta Airlines.  

Delta has around 750 aircraft fleet. It has more than 5,000 flights every day. This airline serves 325 destinations in around 52 countries. With a commitment to safety, innovation, and customer satisfaction. It has become a trusted and respected name in the aviation industry.

The business class of Delta Airlines is called Delta One. It is a premium cabin that extraordinarily maximizes your flying experience. This class is available on Deltas' long-haul international flights and a few long-haul domestic flights.

Benefits Of Flying Business Class With Delta

You are bound to get an enhanced experience and enjoy your flight in style. This class has many benefits while journeying to your destination.

Spacious seating

Delta's business-class cabins feature spacious seating arrangements. Wider seats and more legroom than economy class. You can easily stretch out and relax during your flight.

Lie-Flat Beds

Many of Delta's business class seats convert into lie-flat beds. You can get a good night's sleep on long-haul flights. These beds are equipped with comfortable bedding and pillows, ensuring a restful flight.

Direct Aisle Access

These cabins are designed with direct aisle access for every seat. You can move around the cabin without disturbing your seatmates. 

Personal Entertainment Screens

You will get personal entertainment screens in this class. There is a vast range of movies, TV shows, etc. to choose from. These screens are larger than those in economy class, providing a more immersive viewing experience.

Premium Dining

You can enjoy premium dining options, including chef-curated menus and complimentary drinks and snacks on Delta One. The meals are served on real china and cutlery, adding to the overall luxury.

Amenity Kits

Delta gives Somewhere Somone brands amenity kits. There is Grown Alchemist lip balm, hand cream, and some other travel essentials in this kit. You will also get a pair of slippers on Delta One. 

Priority Check-in and Boarding

Have a ticket for Delta One? Then, you can access devoted check-in counters. They are usually shorter and faster than the economy class lines. You don't have to wait in long lines at all. 

You can actually be among the first to board the aircraft. Settle into your seat and get comfortable before taking off. And if you have a carry-on bag, then secure overhead bin space before it fills up.

Priority Baggage Handling

In this service, your baggage will be prioritized too on Delta One. Meaning it will be among the first bags to be unloaded at the destination airport. 

Additional Baggage Allowance

You can check in more bags than economy class in Deltas' business class. This will enable you to bring additional gear for a longer trip. 

Delta Business Class Fleet

Delta Airlines has a modern and extensive fleet of aircraft. There are a variety of aircraft types used for its business class flights. The business class on Delta can be found on its wide-body and narrow-body aircraft.

  • Airbus A350s gives maximum privacy on board with its amazing sliding doors. There is a big side table, USB outlets, and the largest entertainment screens.

  • Airbus A330 business class comes in a 1-2-1 configuration. There is no aisle divider on this aircraft.

  • Boeing 757 is a narrowbody aircraft and is used by Delta on some international flights. The configuration on this carrier has a 2-2 layout. 

Delta Business Class Lounges

You can get access to a network of Delta Sky Club lounges with a Delta One ticket. Work, relax, and enjoy premium facilities before your flight. 
  • There are comfortable seats like lounge chairs, sofas, and workstations at these lounges. The clubs also have dedicated quiet zones if you need to focus.

  • You can indulge in sweet and salty snacks, soup, salads, wine, beer, cocktails, etc. at Delta Sky Club lounges. 

  • Complimentary Wifi, printing, and faxing, access to conference rooms and private workstations, are also available.

  • You can entertain yourself by diving into television shows, magazines, newspapers, Delta's in-flight entertainment library, etc.

  • Many Delta Sky Club lounges offer private showers and restrooms. You can freshen up before your flight with this service.

Delta operates more than 50 Sky Club lounges worldwide. Some of its locations are at New York JFK, Los Angeles LAX, and London Heathrow. You can access Delta Sky Club lounges. On the day of your flight, either by purchasing a day pass or using frequent flyer status or credit card benefits. 

Booking Delta Business Class Tickets

There are several methods for booking business class tickets with Delta Airlines. Here are some of the most common ways to book:
  • The easiest and most straightforward way to book a business class ticket with Delta. Visit the Delta website at Search for flights, compare prices, and book your ticket directly online.

  • Delta Reservations: You can also book by calling Delta Reservations. Go with this option in case you have questions or need assistance with your booking. Delta Reservations can be reached at 1-800-221-1212.

  • Travel Agents: Buy your Delta One ticket through a travel agent. Travel agents can provide expert advice and assistance with your booking. You can even find special deals and discounts that may not be available online.

  • Delta SkyMiles: If you are a member of Delta's frequent flyer program, SkyMiles. Then you can use your miles to book a business class ticket. You can also earn miles while booking. 

  • Delta Vacations: Planning a vacation or a package trip? Just relax as you can book your Delta One seat ticket through Delta Vacations. The package features flights, the best hotels, and curated experiences. 

Delta SkyMiles and Loyalty Program Benefits

Delta Air Lines offers a frequent flyer program called Delta SkyMiles. It gives the benefit to earn miles for flights and other activities. You can redeem them for a variety of rewards like lights, upgrades, and more. 

Elite Status

You can earn elite status in the Delta SkyMiles program. But you need to travel frequently with Delta for this.  Get complimentary upgrades, and access to Delta Sky Club lounges.

Sky Priority

You are automatically enrolled in Delta's Sky Priority program by buying a Delta One ticket. You will be prioritized for check-in, security, boarding, and expedited baggage handling.

Miles Earning

You can earn more miles per flight than economy class passengers. It means you can quickly add up to significant rewards and benefits in the Delta SkyMiles program.

Redemption Options

Delta SkyMiles can be redeemed for a range of rewards. Upgrade to Delta One or Delta Premium Select cabins. Purchase additional amenities like in-flight Wifi, premium dining, access to Delta Sky Club lounges, etc.

Partner Benefits

If you are a member of this program. Then you can also earn and redeem miles with Delta's partner airlines, hotels, and rental car companies. Get even more opportunities to earn and use miles for travel rewards.

In-Flight Dining Experience

Delta Airlines is committed to providing you with a world-class dining experience featuring culinary excellence and premium dining options.

Sip and Enjoy Thrive Farmers

Unwind with a cup of tea from Thrive Farmers on your Delta One seat. The flavors of tea available for you are:
  • Pacific Peppermint
  • Earl Grey
  • Egyptian Chamomile
  • Guizhou Green

Food and Beverages

Enjoy an assortment of refreshing snacks. If you are 21+, then sip on Du Nord Social Spirits, Tip Top Porper Cocktails, etc. 

Some other alcohol options for Delta One travelers are:
  • Grey Goose Vodka
  • Jack Daniel’s Single Barrel Select
  • Woodford Reserve 
  • Distiller's Select Bourbon

Your Delta One ticket also has hot food options onboard for you. 

Regional Touches

When you fly in Delta One, you can sample local favorites on your journey. They are curated by culinary experts and include the best items of their region's cuisine.

With the Fly Delta App, you can select your food menu 7 days to 24 hours prior to your flight on the business class ticket. 

Delta Business Class Entertainment

On your Delta One flight, enjoy 1000+ hours of free entertainment with free earbuds. The Delta Studio has the latest Hollywood films, playlists, podcasts, TV series, etc.


There are around 300 films on Delta Studio. New releases, renowned documentaries, foreign titles, and family favorites. You name it and they have it. 

Some of the featured movies are:
  • 12 Angry Men
  • Aquaman
  • Beaches
  • Assassin Club
  • Crazy Rich Asians


Your journey can reach the next level on Delta One flight. Relax and watch your favorite series from premium streaming platforms with Delta Studio.

This airline has partnerships with Golf Digest, Paramount+, Peleton App Classes, and Featured New TV.

Options to binge-watch are: 

  • Ghosts
  • 1923
  • RuPaul's Drag Race All Stars
  • Bahamas Life
  • Fresh Off the Boat, and many more.


With special versions of Spotify playlists and podcasts, have a blissful flight experience.

Some boarding music curated by Spotify includes:

  • Better Days - Dermot Kennedy
  • Fade Into A Dream - LEON
  • When You're Gone - Shawn Mendes
  • Sunshine - OneRepublic
  • Ocean Eyes - Billie Eilish

Live TV:

If you want to stay connected to current scenarios on your flight. Calm down and see breaking news, sporting events, and much more on Delta Studio's Live TV.

A few channels that you can access on your seat back screens are:

  • ABC
  • CNBC
  • ESPN
  • Fox
  • TNT

Delta One Suites: The Ultimate Business Class Service

These suites represent the extraordinary luxury and comfort in business class. You get a private and spacious cabin. And an extensive range of amenities and services designed to enhance your travel experience. Here are some of the key features of Delta One Suites:
  • Private Suites: Delta One Suites provide individual private suites with sliding doors. They offer complete privacy and an exclusive flight journey.

  • Lie-Flat Beds: Each suite features a 180-degree flat-bed Delta one seat. You will also get an oversized duvet and a down-alternative pillow.

  • In-Suite Entertainment: The Delta One suites have a large, high-definition entertainment screen. You can easily access Delta's extensive in-flight entertainment library.

  • Personalized Service: Delta One Ticket will help you to receive personalized service from dedicated flight attendants.

Delta Business Class Travel Tips

If you are planning to fly with Delta on Delta One. Then keep these tips in mind for a happy journey.
  • Book Early: Business class tickets can be expensive. So, book your flights in advance to get the best prices and availability. 

  • Use SkyMiles: Member of Delta's SkyMiles program? Use your miles to upgrade your ticket to business class or purchase Delta One ticket with them. You can surely save money and enjoy flying in a premium cabin.

  • Arrive Early: Reach the airport early and take advantage of the Delta Sky Club lounge. It will also help you with priority check-in and boarding. 

  • Bring Entertainment: No doubt, Delta's in-flight entertainment system is extensive. But you can also bring your own entertainment like books, magazines, or a tablet to enjoy during the flight.

  • Dress Comfortably: Business class cabins are designed for comfort. So, wear comfortable clothes in order to relax on your journey.

  • Take Advantage of Amenities: Business class cabins offer a range of amenities, including lie-flat beds, premium dining, and in-flight Wi-Fi. Relish on these amenities to make your flight as comfortable and delightful as possible.

Delta's Global Partnerships and Business Class Alliances

For your benefit and top services, Delta has many global partnerships.

SkyTeam Alliance

Delta is a member of the SkyTeam alliance. It includes 18 airlines from around the world. You can enjoy many premium services on Delta’s business class ticket. For instance, lounge access, priority check-in, and boarding, when flying on SkyTeam member airline

Joint Ventures

Delta has joint ventures with several airlines like AFKL, Virgin Atlantic, etc. They give seamless connections and coordinated schedules. You can get access to this airline lounges as well.

Codeshare Agreements

This airline has codeshare agreements with many air carriers like Korean Air and Aeromexico. You can book flights on this airline and have a blissful journey. 

Partner Airlines

Delta has partnerships with China Eastern, China Southern, and Delta's own regional airline Delta Connection. With your ticket for business class, you can access a wider range of destinations and services. 

Delta's Commitment to Sustainability

As Delta Airlines is one of the world's largest, it has a significant impact on the environment. Delta has made a strong commitment to feasibility in the past years. It has also implemented many initiatives to reduce its environmental impact. 

Delta's sustainability strategy is focused on these key areas:

1. Reducing carbon footprint with the help of Jet Fuel. Delta has set a goal to achieve carbon neutrality by the end of 2030. To achieve this, the company is implementing a number of measures.

Investing in more fuel-efficient aircraft. 

Using sustainable aviation fuel.

Improving operational efficiency.

Delta has also invested in projects that offset its carbon emissions like reforestation and renewable energy projects.

2. Significant efforts to reduce waste, particularly in the areas of single-use plastics and food waste. Delta has introduced artisan-made amenity kits by Someone Somewhere for Delta One and Delta Premium cabins. These kits will reduce plastic use by around 90,000 pounds on an annual basis.

The onboard offerings are also enhanced on Delta's flights. The bedding is made with 100% reusable plastic bottles. Service ware is reusable and biodegradable. The company has eliminated single-use plastic straws and stirrers on aircraft and lounges. 

Delta also donated food, blankets, and amenity kits to various organizations in need. 

3. Delta is committed to conserving natural resources, especially water. It has set up many water conservation measures. This airline uses more efficient irrigation systems at its headquarters. And also reduces water use in its aircraft washing operations. 

The company has also invested in renewable energy like solar panels at some of its facilities and implies energy efficiency measures like LED lighting and HVAC upgrades.

4. Delta's commitment to sustainability is not just limited to its own operations. The company is also working with suppliers and partners to encourage sustainability throughout its supply chain. 

Delta has established a Supplier Diversity program that encourages the use of diverse suppliers, including those that have a strong sustainability focus. Delta seeks to utilize the products and services of qualified small, minority, and women-owned businesses.

5. To ensure that its sustainability efforts are effective and transparent, Delta regularly reports on its progress and sets goals for improvement. The company publishes an annual sustainability report. It details its progress on key metrics like carbon emissions, waste reduction, etc. 

Delta has also set science-based targets for reducing its greenhouse gas emissions. They are aligned with the goals of the Paris Agreement.

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