Can You Bring a Helmet On a Plane? - Helpful Tips

Can You Bring a Helmet On a Plane? - Helpful Tips

Amidst the swirling currents of excitement and anticipation, a traveler prepares to embark on a journey of epic proportions. Standing at the airport gate, they suddenly wonder if bringing a helmet on the plane is allowed. They are eager to explore new places and have a reliable helmet with them.

So to answer all such questions, this blog has been written. So without wasting any more time, let’s dive into the article and learn more about the rules and regulations applied if the passenger brings a helmet on a plane. Let’s look at all the conditions you may follow while carrying your Helmet on a plane. 

Different ways to carry your helmet on a plane

The easiest way to transport your helmet is by placing it in the cargo hold. Pack it in your bag while adhering to the airline's weight and size restrictions, and you can relax. Adding to it, there are minor chances of lost luggage, but your luggage won’t be damaged. However, carrying your helmet with you on board is better if you're concerned about theft or damage. 
Moving forward, let’s look at what different airlines say about the policy of carrying a helmet on a plane. This will give you a fare.

Southwest Airlines

You can bring your helmet on a Southwest plane, but there are a few rules. As per the rule of Southwest Airlines, the helmet should be small enough to fit under the seat in front of you. Secondly, it must be placed in a soft-sided bag or case. Lastly, the helmet's weight should not exceed the carry-on limit of 10 pounds.

If your helmet doesn't meet these requirements, you must check it as luggage. To protect it, make sure to pack it in a sturdy case. When checking in, inform the airline about your helmet so they can handle it properly, including weighing and storing it.

United Airlines

Certainly! You can bring your helmet aboard a United Airlines plane as a carry-on or checked bag. If you carry it on, ensure it can fit underneath the seat in front of you. However, if you check it, it must be packed in a protective, hard-sided case to prevent damage during handling.

It's important to note that United Airlines may charge a fee for checking your helmet, as they do for other oversized or special items. This fee helps cover the additional handling and storage required for such items.

Whether you carry it on or check it, informing the airline about your helmet during check-in is always a good idea. This way, they can provide the necessary information regarding specific requirements or restrictions.

Delta Airlines

You can bring your helmet on a Delta Airlines plane, but there are specific guidelines to follow. First, ensure the helmet can fit under the seat before you. Second, ensure the helmet is soft-shelled and contains no hard objects.

It's important to note that a fee may be associated with checking your helmet. For instance, if you have a Basic Economy ticket, there is a $150 fee for checking a helmet. On the other hand, if you have a Main Cabin or Comfort+ ticket, the fee for checking a helmet is $25.

If you're uncertain whether your helmet meets the requirements for carry-on or checked baggage, it's recommended to contact Delta Airlines customer service.

American Airlines

You are permitted to bring your helmet on an American Airlines flight. You have two options: carrying it as a carry-on item or checking it as luggage.

Passengers carrying the helmet as carry-on luggage must ensure that it should be packed in a hard-sided case. Moreover, the case should fall under the guidelines released by the airline in terms of weight and size. Additionally, ensure the case can fit underneath the seat in front of you.

If you prefer to check your helmet as luggage, it should be packed in a soft-sided case that complies with American Airlines' size and weight requirements. Labeling the case with your name and contact information is important for identification.

Sun Country Airlines

Sun Country Airlines allows passengers to transport their helmets on their planes, but there are specific guidelines to follow. It is important to note that helmets must be checked as luggage and are not permitted as carry-on items.

When checking your helmet, it should be packed in a hard-sided case that meets the size and weight requirements set by Sun Country Airlines. These requirements ensure your helmet's safety and proper handling during the flight.

For more detailed information about Sun Country Airlines specific helmet policies, it is recommended to visit their official website. The official website of Sun Country Airlines has all the information related to the policies for carrying helmets on a plane.

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